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Yonomi is the IoT company creating a more connected smart home. We build cloud-based technologies for companies and people looking to create wonderful experiences in the home.

Our suite of products includes the Yonomi App, a free mobile app for consumers that makes it simple to discover, connect, and automate the most popular smart home devices using a single service.

Our IoT solutions also include Yonomi ThinCloud, a turnkey Backend as a Service for building and scaling consumer IoT devices, and Yonomi One, a powerful platform for designing apps and services that integrate with the smart home.

Yonomi was founded in 2013 by Kent Dickson, Joss Scholten, and Garett Madole. The company is dual-headquartered in Austin, TX and Boulder, CO.





Company Announcements

Visit the Yonomi Blog to read about company news and product updates.

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