Get Your Hands on Our Latest Version


To welcome the arrival of iOS 10, we’ve made several design and performance updates and added a few new features.


Tap Into the Power of iOS 10 Widgets

The Yonomi Favorites widget has a new look with large, colored icons for even easier access
Tap your Favorite widgets right from the lock screen or by 3D touching the Yonomi icon on the home screen or in Siri App Suggestions.


Keep Things Organized 

Sort through your Things by Type or Manufacturer to easily edit and manage each device.


Support is Right at Your Fingertips

Get help where you need it. Flip through FAQs or shoot your question over to the support team right from the app.


Personalize Your Sonos

Choose from over 25 accents for the text-to-speech announcements under “Options” in your Sonos menu. More device preferences are on their way. Stay tuned.


More to See on iPad

The new iPad version takes better advantage of the larger screen real estate.


Faster and Easier Than Ever

  • Yonomi starts in a blink.

  • Geofence entry based Routines will begin more quickly.

  • Recommendations load much faster and are organized into groups for easier discovery.

  • Pull-to-refresh when on a devices’s detail page. When you add something like a new Sonos Favorite, you can simply pull and it will rescan.

  • Run a Routine more easily by swiping left on a Routine in list view and tapping that option.

  • The Routine editor has received a few improvements including the ability to delete a Routine. You can still delete a Routine by swiping left in your Routines list.

  • Easily see what devices are attached to your Accounts, Hubs, and Interfaces on their respective pages.

  • Dynamic Type is now supported in most areas of the app.

  • Quickly access the native apps of your devices from a device’s detail page.

ANDROID USERS: Relax , the new Android update is on its way.