How to Make Your Smart Home Spooky This Halloween


With a little help from Yonomi, your smart home devices can make your house stand out on the block this Halloween. Scary automated Routines involving multiple devices can be triggered by motion detected on your front porch to create a Spooky Porch or you can have a “Haunted” Smart House with lights changing color, your TV flipping on and blinds going up when no one is there.

Here are a couple Halloween Routines to bring a little ghoulish fun to your house. And we’d love to hear yours — please share in the comments!


Surprise Your Neighbors with a Spooky Porch

What you’ll need:

Imagine as trick or treaters approach your door, a ghost pops-up on your porch, your lights turn orange and an evil laugh can be heard through your front window.


How to set it up:

  1. Place a WeMo motion detector and a plugged-in WeMo switch on your porch. If you don’t have an outlet nearby, run an extension cord.

  2. Plug in your Halloween decor to the WeMo switch. Make sure you have a smart bulb in your porch fixture or in a lamp by the front window, and position your Sonos near the front door.

  3. Create a Spooky Porch Routine in the Yonomi app, so that when motion is detected on your porch, Yonomi automatically turns on what’s you plugged into your WeMo switch (inflatable ghost or light projector), your LIFX bulb turns a deep shade of orange, and an evil laugh sounds (or your Halloween playlist of choice) play on your Sonos.


Be the Only “Haunted” Smart House on the Block


What you’ll need:

Scare your neighbors (and hopefully any bad guys) by making your house appear haunted whether you’re there or not. At sunset, have Jack-o-Lanterns (with smart bulbs inside) light up, your lights mysteriously turn on and change colors, the TV flip on to a Poltergeist “They’re Here” static screen, and the blinds magically go up.


How to set it up:

  1. Place the smart Jack-o-Lanterns on your front porch or in your window sills.

  2. Add a smart bulb to a few different rooms if you don’t have one there already.

  3. Create a “Poltergeist” Harmony Activity (in the Logitech App) that turns your TV to a snowy screen of static or of your favorite horror movie.

  4. Optional: Have your smart blinds open when the TV turns on.

  5. Create a “Haunted House” Routine that triggers the”Poltergeist” Harmony Activity and tuns on the smart bulbs with different colors and effects throughout the house and your Jack-O-Lanterns.

  6. Extra Spooky: Create a few other Routines to turn on and off different lights and other devices throughout the night.


How to Make a Jack-o-Lantern With a Smart Bulb Inside:

Our friends at LIFX put together a step-by-step guide on making your own LIFX-o-Lantern. Check out all of the gory details here.

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