Your Routines, Handier Than Ever


We’re excited to share our latest integration: Yonomi plays well with Apple Watch. You can now run your Favorite Routines with a simple tap on the world’s most popular smartwatch.


Control Your Yonomi Home Right From Your Wrist

This adds another convenient option for running your Favorite Routines anytime. If you’re arriving home, you can have the door open, the lights go on, and the thermostat heat up the house in just one tap. When you’re getting ready for bed and you want the Sonos to play softly and your lights to dim, you can simply tap your Apple Watch and unwind from the day. Of course with Yonomi, you can have all of this happen automatically if you prefer by location, time and day or a device event.


Here’s how to get Yonomi on Apple Watch:

  1. Download the latest version of the Yonomi app (1.3.1 or higher) on your iPhone if your apps are not set to auto update.

  2. Make sure your Apple Watch is in range of your iPhone, and the Yonomi watch app will start installing automatically.

  3. To check the progress, tap on the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the “My Watch” tab. Scroll down your list of apps until you see Yonomi and “Installing” or “Installed” next to to it.

  4. Once installation is complete, tap on the Yonomi icon on the home screen of your Apple Watch, and all of your Favorite Routines will automatically appear for you to scroll through and run.


A Beautifully Simple Complication

You can also easily add Yonomi as a complication to your watch face, so your Favorite Routines are always front and center. Yonomi can be part of just about every customizable watch face on your Apple Watch including:

  • Utility

  • Modular

  • Simple

  • Motion

  • Color

  • Chronograph

  • Mickey or Minnie Mouse (points right to it)

  • Timelapse

  • Photos


Here’s how to add the Yonomi complication to your watch face:

  1. After installing the latest version of Yonomi (1.3.1 or higher), make sure Yonomi is included on your list of complications. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, go to the My Watch tab and tap Complications.

  2. Look for Yonomi in your list of Complications. If it is listed under “Do Not Include” then tap “Edit” and the “+” icon to add it. Tap “Done”.

  3. Go to your watch face, firmly press the display, and tap Customize.

  4. Tap a complication area on any of the watch faces listed above. Turn the Digital Crown until the Yonomi “Y” icon appears.

  5. Firmly tap on the watch face until “Customize” appears again and tap once more to exit. Now you can access your Favorite Routines by simply tapping on the “Y” icon of your watch face.

If you’re using Yonomi on an Apple device, be sure to check out this post with details about our latest version for iOS introduced just last week. It includes several new features to fully take advantage of iOS 10.

If you’re new to Yonomi, download our app for iOS or Android and check out the list of more than 60 popular smart home devices we support.