A New Version, Just in Time for the Holidays


As a last minute gift for you, we’ve made a few updates to the Routine editor and added more Holiday Favorites to the latest iOS version.


New Routine Editor

Tap into the new Routine editor for a simpler, more flexible way to create and adjust routines.


Easier Device Adjustment 

Customize your settings for each device quickly and easily thanks to new controls for light color and brightness, temperature adjustment, and Sonos favorites and announcements.


A Brighter Way to Adjust Lights

Select your color and brightness in a flash with the light controller.


Sonos Settings in a Snap

Now you can flip through your Sonos Favorites, sound effects, and adjust announcements with a simple tap of the setting icon next to your Sonos.


Holiday Recommendations

New Recommendations are here just in time for the Holidays and with a whole new look. Scroll through and add them to your Routines to bring more of the Holiday spirit into your home.


ANDROID USERS: Your holiday wish is about to come true. The new Android update is on its way.