Play Favorites with Your Most Popular Routines


As much as we designed Yonomi to make your daily activities easier with automated Routines, we all know life can be far from routine. And that can be the best part. That’s why we introduced Yonomi Favorites, so you can run your Routines anytime. Now you can cue up “Movie Night” on a lazy Sunday afternoon, hit “Bedtime” early after a hard day or get that coffee brewing whenever you need to “Wake Up.”

Favorites make it quick and easy to trigger any of your Routines anytime, whether you want to run an automated Routine like ‘Heading Out’ or flip the ‘Lights On’ and ‘Off’ throughout the day.

Here’s a few of our favorite, well, Favorites:

Wind Down: Dim the lights for reading, play something softly on the bedroom Sonos, and get the temperature cozy with the Nest.

Game Time: Turn on the TV, close the blinds and change the lights to the team colors.

What’s the Weather?: Listen to the weather forecast over the Sonos while you get ready to head out the door.

Button Up: Turn on the outside lights and lock all of the doors.

Favorites make your Routines more accessible and faster to execute.  To make Yonomi even easier to use,  we will be providing some helpful Favorites for you.  For example, Yonomi will group your connected lights into ‘All On’ and ‘All Off’ Favorites without any work on your part. But you can always customize and create your own.

Here’s How-to-Create Your Own Favorites

Tap “Add Favorites” or “+” on the Favorites tab and get started.

Select any of your Routines to be a Favorite.


Customize your Favorite by giving it a icon and color.

Now tap into your Favorites and enjoy anytime.


Unlimited Favorites are just about to be released with Version 1.1.2. And stay tuned for more exciting and easy-to-use features that are coming soon.

If you have any questions or want to share some of your Favorites, drop us a note at