Keep Things Comfortable With Honeywell


We’re excited to share our latest integration: Yonomi plays well with the Honeywell Lyric and Total Connect Comfort thermostats. You can now easily connect those Honeywell thermostats with more than 60 other popular smart home devices and integrate them into customized Yonomi Routines that make your home life simpler and more comfortable.

Want to add a Honeywell connected thermostat to your home? Buy a Honeywell Lyric or Total Connect Comfort Thermostat


Looking For Inspiration? Here Are a Few Routine Suggestions

Set a “Good Morning” Routine triggered at 7:30am that automatically warms up the house, announces the weather on your Sonos, and starts the day playing your favorites.


Set a “Leave Home” Routine that adjusts the temperature on your thermostats to save energy, locks your doors, and turns off your lights.


Set a “Movie Night” Routine that gets your house comfy, turns on the TV and dims the lights.


Yonomi Routines can be triggered automatically by time of day, your location or other preferences, manually through the Yonomi app or by asking Alexa to turn on a specific Routine. (Check out our tips and tricks for integrating with Amazon Echo.)


Easily Add Honeywell Connected Thermostats to Yonomi

Yonomi connects to your Lyric or Total Connect Comfort account, so you can run Routines and control your thermostats whether you are at home or away. Here’s how to setup your Honeywell connected thermostats to work with Yonomi.

1. iOS: Tap the settings icon in the upper left-hand corner, select Accounts & Hubs and tap “+”.
Android: Tap the hamburger menu icon in the upper left corner, select Accounts & Hubs and tap “+”.


2. Select your desired Honeywell account (Lyric or Total Connect Comfort), and then tap on “Connect” on the next screen. You will be taken to the Honeywell login screen where you enter your Honeywell Account credentials.  After a couple of seconds, you’ll be directed back to the Yonomi app and your account should now be listed as “Connected.”


3. Return to the Dashboard to see your newly discovered devices and start creating Routines with your Honeywell Lyric Round and Total Connect Comfort thermostats.


To learn more about the Lyric Round and Total Connect Comfort thermostats check out the Honeywell site.

NOTE FOR THE U.K (and others outside of the U.S.): It seems the UK has a different authentication page/system for the Honeywell/Total Connect Comfort than the one in the US, which is currently the only one we support. We’re aware of this issue and have been talking to Honeywell to try and address it quickly. We hope to add support for TCC in the UK very soon, so stay tuned.


The Smart Home Keeps Getting Smarter

We’re on a mission at Yonomi to enable people to buy the smart home products they love and then rely on the free Yonomi app to get them all to work together.

According to a survey by our friends at Honeywell, nearly 90% of Americans wish they could automate features within their homes while they’re at home or away. Yonomi is turning this wish into a reality – in the U.S. and around the world. Yonomi is now used in smart homes across more than 140 countries.

If you’re new to Yonomi, get started by downloading our free app for iOS or Android.

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