New Honeywell Lyric T5 Thermostat Heats Up Smart Thermostat Market

Lyric-T5-Wi-Fi-Thermostat-RCHT8610WF-Product-Image_1-1280x680 (1).jpg

Honeywell recently introduced the new Lyric™T Series Wi-Fi Thermostats, making it easy and affordable for consumers to add a connected thermostat to their home. We’re thrilled to share that Yonomi integrates with the new Lyric™ T series, which will be available at leading retailers in mid-October.

This device joins more than 60 popular smart home devices supported by Yonomi, making it easy for you to connect all of your smart home devices and create customized Routines that make home life simpler and more comfortable. 


Learn More About Our Integration With Honeywell Connected Thermostats

Yonomi integrates with all Honeywell Lyric™ T series, Lyric Round™ Wi-Fi, and Honeywell Connect Comfort Thermostats. Earlier this year we shared information about how to add Honeywell connected thermostats to Yonomi along with a few Routine suggestions to help you get more out of your connected thermostat.

NOTE FOR THE U.K (and others outside of the U.S.): It seems the UK has a different authentication page/system for the Honeywell/Total Connect Comfort than the one in the US, which is currently the only one we support. We’re aware of this issue and have been talking to Honeywell to try and address it quickly. We hope to add support for TCC in the UK very soon, so stay tuned.


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