A New Version for the New Year


To start off the New Year, we’ve made some nice updates to the Routine editor and added a few Favorite improvements to the latest Android version.


New Routine Editor

Tap into the new Routine editor for a simpler, more flexible way to create and adjust routines.

  • The flow for adding events, actions, and conditions has been updated.  We’ve removed the left/right pager and simplified the process to make it more obvious for all users.
  • Need to delete something in your Routine? Just swipe event, action, and condition rows to the left.
  • You can now finally reorder your events, actions, and conditions! Just press and hold on a row then drag it to the desired spot.
  • Adjust parameters for your Routines more quickly. Just tap the new Settings icon in each row that supports them.  Look for new event, action, and condition parameters in the future too.

Easier Device Adjustment 

Customize your settings for each device quickly and easily thanks to new controls for light color and brightness, temperature adjustment, and more.


App Shortcut Support and Favorite Improvements

  • If you use Android N (7.1 and above), you can now select your Top 4 favorites and easily access them by long-pressing on the Yonomi icon.  You can also drag and drop your App Shortcuts directly onto your homescreen to make running your best Routines even handier.
  • Now you can reorder your Favorites! Just tap the Edit icon in the Toolbar then press and hold to start moving your Favorites around.

More Beautiful Recommendations

New Recommendations are here just for you and with a whole new look. Scroll through and add them to your Routines to bring more simplicity and delight to your home.