How to Create a DIY Smart Living Room With TP-Link and Yonomi

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Last month we proudly announced support for TP-Link’s line of smart bulbs, plugs, and switches in the Yonomi app. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quality—and affordable—connected devices, TP-Link is an easy option for a quick smart home makeover. 

With TP-Link, you can automate nearly any light or appliance in an entire room with just a few hundred dollars and a free afternoon.

Here’s our amazingly easy DIY guide for transforming your living room in a single weekend and bringing your home to life with Yonomi.


TP-Link Light Bulbs

TP-Link’s range of Wi-Fi-enabled LED bulbs make it easy to retrofit your living room with smart lighting that matches your exact specifications—no separate hub required. From white bulbs to adjustable white to multicolor, you can find the exact option to match your home’s design, or mix-and-match for the widest range of possibilities.

And with prices ranging from $18.33 to $39.99 per bulb, it’s really hard to find a better value in smart home lighting today.

Yonomi Recommendation

While the LB130 multicolor bulb from TP-Link allows you to create colorful effects for dinner parties and movie nights, and the LB100 dimmable white bulb is an amazing value, the LB120 tunable white bulb is our recommendation for most living rooms.

With tunable white bulbs you can not only adjust the dimmer settings, you can also adjust the white color temperature for different moods throughout the day. 

From bright white for kids’ playtime during the day to soft warm whites for nighttime reading, you can set the perfect lighting Routine for every situation.

TP-Link Smart Plug Mini Social 02.jpg

TP-Link Smart Plugs

TP-Link’s range of WiFi smart plugs makes it possible to turn all the “dumb” electronics and appliances in your house into smart devices. Pretty much anything with an on/off switch that plugs into the wall can be automated with Yonomi and a TP-Link smart plug.

From fans and space heaters to scent diffusers and decorative lighting, you can bring your living room to life with just a few smart plugs installed in your normal outlets.

Yonomi Recommendation

While not the lowest priced (that would be the HS100 smart plug), or the one with energy monitoring capabilities (that would be the HS110), our recommendation for smart plugs from TP-Link is the HS105 Smart Plug Mini.

We recommend the HS105 mostly because of its compact size. You can easily stack two on a normal outlet without any loss of space or functionality.


TP-Link Smart Switches

While smart bulbs and smart plugs make it possible to retrofit an entire room without turning a single screw, the more confident DIYers out there will see plenty of benefits to installing a smart switch or two.

Yonomi Recommendation

The HS200 Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch from TP-Link has advantages for those that want wireless control and automation without installing connected bulbs in every socket. Additionally, a smart switch allows you to wirelessly control ceiling fans and chandeliers that would otherwise not be connected.

While it does require some electrician’s skills to install in your existing light panel, the HS200 is an attractive option to retrofit your home without extra hubs or devices.


Yonomi Routines To Bring It All Together

Once you have your bulbs, plugs, and switches all installed, you can begin designing automated Routines for your living room using the Yonomi app. Routines can be set to trigger at a certain time of day (like sunset), when certain actions occur (like flipping a smart switch), or through voice commands using Amazon Alexa.



Morning Routine

Now that your entire living room can be automated with Yonomi, it’s easy to create the right setting to wake up to and get your morning off to a productive start.


  • The time is 7:05 AM

Run These Actions

  • TP-Link Overheard Light: Fade in for 10 Seconds
  • TP-Link Floor Lamp: Fade in for 10 Seconds
  • TP-Link Table Lamp: Fade in for 10 Seconds
  • Living Room Fan (TP-Link Smart Switch): Turn On
  • Living Room Sonos PLAY:5: Play “The Daily”

But Only If

  • It’s a weekday
  • I’m at Home


“Alexa, Start Dinner Party”

Having friends over to catch up over wine and good food? Set up this Dinner Party Routine in your Yonomi app to be able to tell Alexa to set the lighting, music, and ambiance when your guests are about to arrive.

Run These Actions

  • Bookshelf String Lights (with HS105 Smart Plug): Turn On
  • TP-Link Overhead Light: Set Brightness to 60%
  • TP-Link Floor Lamp: Set Brightness to 60%
  • TP-Link Table Lamp: Set Brightness to 60%
  • Living Room Sonos PLAY:5: Play “Jazzy Dinner” Playlist


Winding Down

How you spend your nights can be one of the most important factors for how productive the following day will be. When the house is quiet and you’re finally done answering emails, turn on this Routine while you read a book or listen to your favorite podcast.

Run These Actions