The Best Smart Home Month Deals on Amazon Right Now

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November is officially Alexa Smart Home Month on Amazon, and as lovers of smart home gadgets and home automation we couldn't be more excited. As part of Smart Home Month, Amazon will be featuring limited offer deals and discounted bundles on some of the most popular connected devices out there.

On top of that, Amazon is offering 20% off select smart home installations services for the month of November. So if you're not sure about your skills in installing a Wemo WiFi dimmer, a Honeywell Lyric Thermostat, or a Schlage Connect lock, Amazon's team of experts has you covered.

The Best Smart Home Month Deals (So Far)

To help you take full advantage of these fantastic smart home deals heading into Black Friday and the holiday shopping season, we've compiled a running list of all the best.


Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) + Philips Hue Bundle

This bundle is an amazing way to upgrade your home into a smart home instantly. In addition to the all-new 2nd generation Amazon Echo, you get a jam-packed Philips Hue starter kit to transform an entire room.

This $331.97 bundle comes with the Amazon Echo, four Philips Hue multicolor LED bulbs, a Philips Hue Lightstrip, and a Philips Hue bridge to tie everything together ($56.98 in savings).

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) + Logitech Harmony Hub and Elite Remote

This limited offer bundle brings you the all-new 2nd-generation Amazon Echo and the powerful Logitech Harmony Hub and Elite Remote for only $329.99—that's $52.99 in savings.

With these devices and the Yonomi app, you'll be able automate your entire entertainment system just by saying "Alexa, start movie night."

Amazon Echo Plus + Philips Hue White LED Bulb

While it looks just like the old 1st-generation Amazon Echo, the all-new Amazon Echo Plus packs a punch with a built in smart home hub. Now there's no need for an additional bridge to add Hue bulbs and light strips to your Yonomi routines.

With this $149.99 bundle, you essentially get a Philips Hue White bulb for free ($14.99 in savings).

Amazon Echo Dot + Logitech Harmony Hub

The smallest member of the Echo line, the Echo Dot is the easiest (and most affordable) way to add Alexa capability to your Yonomi routines throughout the house.

At $111.99 ($20.88 in savings) this bundle is a steal for anyone looking to control their TV using Yonomi. And while it doesn't come with the Logitech Elite Remote like the larger bundle above, a Harmony Hub and an Echo Dot are all you really need to slingshot your home theater into the smart home age.

Amazon Echo Dot + TP-Link Tunable White Smart Bulb (LB120)

At less than $75, this bundle is the perfect holiday gift for someone looking to try out smart home technology for the first time. In addition to the fantastically powerful Echo Dot, this $73.98 package comes with a tunable white LED smart bulb from TP-Link ($6.70 in savings).

Without any additional hardware required, this bundle will allow you to start building smart home routines using Yonomi. And as you get more comfortable and start to add one more devices, your home will truly start to come to life.

More coming soon!

As Alexa Smart Home Month continues through the entire month of November, Amazon will continue to release limited-time bundles the ones above. We'll keep adding our top picks to this post as they're announced, so bookmark this link and check back for more deals.