Become a Part of Yonomi's IoT Ecosystem

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Gain access to hundreds of thousands of highly engaged smart home users today by integrating with one of the fastest-growing IoT ecosystems.

Yonomi's IoT Platform and IoT Services Give You Instant Access

Yonomi's exceptional user experience helps users coordinate their smart home devices and make the whole home greater than the sum of the parts. Today, Yonomi supports close to 100 of the most popular connnected home products. We'd love to add yours!

The IoT landscape is becoming more and more complex as users bring products from multiple brands into their homes. Yonomi's aim is to simplify the experience of living with diverse smart home products for the benefit of both consumers and device makers.

Here's why partnering with Yonomi makes sense:

  • Get your product in front of hundreds of thousands of qualified users who are managing their connected home through Yonomi
  • Many Yonomi users purchase 2-3 new smart home devices within the first few weeks of downloading and using our app
  • If you have an existing connected device product with an API, we can add it to our system quickly

Want to learn more about what is possible with Yonomi? Get in touch with us!