Multiple Locations and a New Look for Supported Devices Are Here for Android


From adding locations and adjusting your geofence to the newly designed supported devices section and more intuitive color picker, version 1.5 is packed with powerful features and beautiful design to make running your Yonomi home that much simpler and more delightful.


Locations, Locations, Locations

Yonomi now supports multiple locations. You can control your devices when you leave or arrive home, work, or any other spot.  And don’t worry — your existing home location has been automatically imported as your default location.

Here’s how to add a location:

  • Just go to “Settings” then “Locations” and tap the “+.” Then select your current GPS location and click the check-mark to save.
  • Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to enter a location name, and an optional Wifi network name associated with that location.
  • Tap “Save” and now you can make arriving or leaving that location automatically run any Routine and set of devices.  Your new location should automatically appear as an option when working with Location events in the Routine editor.
  • Have any problems working with locations or location-based Routines? Let us know at, we’d love to help.

Spot on Geofencing

Now you can adjust the size of your geofence for each location, so your devices and Routines respond more accurately to where you are.

Here’s how to adjust the size of your geofence:

  • Go to your Nav Drawer then “Settings” and tap “Locations.” Then select one of your locations to adjust it.
  • Tap on the map to start editing your location geofence, and then pinch-to-zoom the map to adjust the geofence circle and make it bigger or smaller. Tap  the check-mark icon in the top-right corner to “Save” when you’ve nailed it.

Supported Devices Look Better Than Ever

As soon as you tap into our beautifully redesigned supported device sections, you’ll notice some stunning visual changes and rich content making it easier to learn about all the things that play well with Yonomi.

  • Supported Devices are organized by product types to quickly see all of the devices we support in a smart home category such as lighting.
  • Featured and Recently Added supported device sections are right up top, so you can find out what’s hot and what’s new.
  • Delve into the device detail page to learn how it plays with Yonomi including key features and supported actions.
  • Now when you come across a new must-have device, you can tap “Buy” right in the app.

Brighten Up Any Room

Nothing says mood lighting more than bringing in a little color from your connected LED bulbs. In the new color picker, you can quickly choose from presets or select Random to light up your room with a new look every time.


Enjoy tapping around all of the new features and design enhancements, and keep an eye out for many new updates coming soon!