Yonomi 1.6: TP-Link, Multi-Client Support, Android Wear, and More


A new version of Yonomi is live for iPhone and Android! Yonomi 1.6 brings new device support, better reliability, and a whole host of other improvements to the app.

Head to the App Store or Google Play Store to install Yonomi 1.6 on your devices and check out what’s been added below.


TP-Link Devices Added

One of our most requested integrations, TP-Link support has now been added in Yonomi 1.6! All of TP-Link’s smart plugs, switches, and bulbs are now discoverable in the app.

Since Yonomi makes it simple to link devices from all of your favorite manufacturers, you can easily add a TP-Link bulb or switch to an existing lighting routine or automate an entire room using TP-Link devices (no hub needed!).

Shop for TP-Link smart home devices on Amazon here.


Multi-Client Support For Improved Reliability

Probably the biggest change in Yonomi 1.6 is the addition of multi-client support. This means that now all of your mobile devices will work together as a team to decide which is best positioned to run a command—especially those that run locally over WiFi—and improve the reliability of your routines.

Before version 1.6, we only sent commands to a single phone or tablet at a time—usually whichever one you accessed Yonomi on last. What this would look like to you is that some routines wouldn’t run while you were away from home, or they would run differently than the way you had set them up. It wouldn’t matter if you had Yonomi installed on your iPad at home, if your phone was the last device you used it would intercept the commands from our server and break the routine.


Multi-client support will offer BIG reliability improvements for your Yonomi routines, especially those with integrations that require local WiFi access to run properly like Sonos, Belkin Wemo, TP-Link, and others.

To take advantage of these reliability improvements, try installing Yonomi on all of the mobile devices in your home. If you have a tablet that you keep at home, or an old phone that just sits in a drawer, this can serve as an “always on” device that runs your Yonomi routines on your home WiFi while you’re out and about.


Android Wear Is Here

Fans of Android Wear will be happy to know that Yonomi is now available on your favorite smartwatches like the LG Watch STYLE and the Motorola Moto 360.

Just download Yonomi 1.6 from the Google Play Store and access your Yonomi favorites from your wrist and control the entire room with the tap of a finger.


What Else Is New?

Other Updates to Yonomi 1.6 for iOS

  • Even More Wemo Devices: The Belkin Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer, the Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug, and the Wemo-enabled Smart Air Purifier from Holmes are now all supported by Yonomi.
  • Safari Keychain Support: Always forgetting your password? Now you can autofill your Yonomi login info across all of your iOS devices using Safari Keychain. This will also work when setting up the Yonomi Alexa Skill from an iOS device.
  • Multiple UI Updates: Haptic feedback has been added on routines, actions, and favorites, a new indicator tells you which mobile device your routine is being run through, and we now send you a message when Discovery hasn’t been able to run recently.
  • Accessibility Improvements: We’ve improved our Dynamic Type and VoiceOver support throughout the app.
  • iOS 9 or higher now required

Other Updates to Yonomi 1.6 for Android

  • Even More Wemo Devices: The Belkin Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer, the Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug, and the Wemo-enabled Smart Air Purifier from Holmes are now all supported by Yonomi.
  • Multiple UI Updates: The top tabs seen in previous versions have been replaced with a bottom nav for faster navigation around the app. The Device and Routine pages have been updated with a new UI as well.

Install Yonomi 1.6 for iOS and Android now for the best smart home experience yet!