Yonomi Now Works With Alexa in India, Canada, Australia, and Ireland

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The Yonomi Alexa Skill is now available to even more users around the globe—nearly 2 billion of you to be exact!

We're happy to share today that our popular integration with Amazon Alexa is now available in India, Canada, Australia, and Ireland, joining the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Austria.


Yonomi is Leading the Smart Home in Voice

The widely popular Yonomi Alexa Skill allows Yonomi users to control all of their favorite Routines and connected devices using only their voice. Voice is becoming the primary interface of the smart home and Yonomi is helping to lead the charge.

Last year 58.5% of all Yonomi Routines were triggered by voice—up from 28.0% in 2016. We only expect that rate to continue to grow as Yonomi's integrations with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa become more and more sophisticated.

Keep an eye out for expansion of the Yonomi Alexa Skill to more regions and more languages in 2018, and for those in India, Canada, Australia, and Ireland—"Alexa, turn on party mode!"

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Here’s How to Setup the Yonomi Skill in the Alexa App:

  1. Launch the Alexa App

  2. Tap on menu > Smart Home > Yonomi

  3. Tap “Enable Skill” and then sign into your Yonomi account

  4. Say “Alexa, discover devices” or tap “Discover devices” within the Smart Home tab of the Alexa app.

NOTE: If you change a Routine name or create a new one, you will need to run discovery again.

To learn more about Routine and device control with Alexa, check out: Tips and Tricks to Get More out of Amazon Echo

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