Energenie MiHome Now Plays With Yonomi

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We’re proud to share with our users in the U.K. that Yonomi now supports the MiHome line from Energenie! For those with MiHome devices already installed, just follow the easy instructions below to get started. Or, browse the entire MiHome range to find the right devices for your home.


Setting Up MiHome and Yonomi

If you have a MiHome Gateway and at least one other MiHome device setup on your home network, you’re ready to start using Yonomi to bring your home to life.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Yonomi app, run Discovery to automatically sync MiHome and other compatible devices on your network. Discovery runs by default when you first create a Yonomi account, or you tap the Things tab and click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner.

In a few seconds your MiHome account should appear in the list and you can follow the instructions to link it to Yonomi. Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Accounts & Hubs to link your MiHome account manually.

Adding MiHome Devices to Your Yonomi Routines

Setting up Yonomi Routines allows you to unlock the full potential of all your smart home devices. Just add MiHome to existing Yonomi Routines, or create new ones that are personalized to your schedule and preferences


Evening Lights Routine

Yonomi - Energenie MiHome Evening Lights Routine.jpg

With the darker autumn and winter months upon us, you can use Yonomi and your MiHome devices to make sure you always arrive home from work to a well-lit and cozy living room.

Open the Yonomi app and create a new Routine called “Evening Lights” with the following specifications:

Set the time: When it’s sunset

Run these Actions:

  • MiHome Thermostat turns up to 20° C

  • MiHome Adapter 1 turns front table lamp on

  • MiHome Adapter 2 turns front floor lamp on

  • Philips Hue bulb in entryway turns on


Meditation Time

Yonomi - Energenie MiHome Meditation Time Routine.jpg

Yonomi can also be used to step away from your busy day and create a few moments for mindfulness in your home.

Open the Yonomi app and create a new Routine called “Meditation Time” with the following specifications:

Run these Actions:

  • MiHome Adapter 1 turns front table lamp off

  • MiHome Adapter 2 turns front floor lamp off

  • MiHome Dimmer turns overhead lights to 20% brightness

  • Living room Sonos One plays Yoga & Meditation playlist from Sonos Favorites

Whenever you feel you need some time to sit and be mindful, just open the Yonomi app and tap the Meditation Time Routine from your Favorites tab. Or, just speak into your Sonos One and say “Alexa, start Mediation Time”.


Why We Love Energenie and MiHome

For customers in the U.K. looking for smarter energy management, the names Energenie and MiHome come immediately to mind. The MiHome range combines switches, plugs, and sensors to make sure your home uses only the energy it needs — saving money and making your home more environmentally friendly in the process.

With newly added Yonomi support, MiHome users can create personalized Routines to automatically adjust lights and appliances throughout the day based on their desired setting. Whether you’re on the couch or across the world, with Yonomi and MiHome you can rest assured knowing your home is safe, comfortable, and energy efficient.

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