All The Smart Home Gear You Need This Halloween

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Those of us that love smart home technology know that it can help make our lives simpler and more convenient, but it can also just make life a lot of fun! The holidays present the perfect opportunity to bring a smile to others’ faces using technology and a little creativity.

This Halloween create the spooky house the whole block will be talking about with these popular smart home devices and apps.


Smart Plugs

It’s hard to have too many smart plugs and other connected outlets when decorating for Halloween. Smart plugs turn any device or appliance into a smart device by allowing you to turn them on or off from anywhere. Stock up on these to automate outdoor string lights, electronic jack-o-lanterns, fog machines, or that animatronic Jack Skellington you’ve been eyeing.

TP-Link Smart Plug Mini (2-Pack)

These smart plugs are small enough to stack two on top of each other so you don’t lose any precious outlet space in your house.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

A downsized version of the original Wemo smart plugs, these mini plugs are compact and stylish enough for every outlet in your home.

Insteon On/Off Outlet

Have some basic electrical knowledge and want to do away with the need for adapters altogether? Then these connected on/off outlets from Insteon are for you.

*Insteon Hub required to operate


Smart Color Bulbs

While white-only smart bulbs can have very practical applications in the home, at times like Halloween there’s nothing better than the millions of colors and fun lighting effects you get from full-color bulbs.

LIFX (A19) LED Lights (4-Pack)

With 16 million colors and built-in presets for Halloween and flickering effects, this 4-pack of bulbs from LIFX can turn your entire living room or entryway into a haunted house in a flash.


Philips Hue E12 Decorative Candle Bulbs

These candle-style bulbs are perfect for placing in your porch lanterns to trick and frighten people as they come to your door. Set these bulbs to flicker, change colors, or unexpectedly turn off as trick-or-treaters come to the door.

*Philips Hue Hub required to operate


This LED strip from LIFX comes with self-adhesive backing so you can stick it alongside window sills, doorways, or hallway molding. It also has multiple-zone control and can be daisy chained together for up to 10 meters of spooky lighting effects.


Smart Speakers

To rig your entire home with spooky music and sound effects, there are no better options than these connected speakers. And don’t forget to add the perfect playlist to tie it altogether!

Amazon Echo Dot

The completely redesigned third-gen Amazon Echo Dot is the perfect command center for your entire Halloween set up. Just stick this hockey puck-sized speaker near the front door, and control your entire home with your voice using the Yonomi Alexa skill.

Sonos One

The beautiful Sonos One speaker packs powerful Hi-Fi sound into a discreet package. Buy an entire set to wirelessly pump your favorite Halloween music and sound effects into every room in the house.

Google Home Max

Review after review has touted the power and clarity of the mighty Google Home Max, and we have to agree with them. If you want maximum sound for your Halloween part, the Max is the perfect option. And with built-in Google Assistant support, it doubles as a control station for your entire home.


Free Apps to Tie It All Together

Now that you have all the devices you need to make this the most fun Halloween ever, just download these free apps to tie everything together and transform your entire home.

The Yonomi App

With support for hundreds of the most popular smart home devices, Yonomi is the best way to create automated routines and bring your home to life. And with our Alexa and Google Assistant voice skills, you can operate your whole home with custom voice commands.


Spotify is the ideal service to sync your favorite Halloween music on all of your devices. We put together a Spotify playlist of Halloween classics that are a sure hit at any Halloween party. Just queue this up in your Sonos favorites to be able to add it to your Yonomi Routines, or tell Google or Alexa to “Play Best Halloween playlist on Spotify.”