Protect Your Home from the Elements with the New Yonomi Netatmo Weather Integration


Let’s talk about the weather

In the last 5 years, smart home weather stations have become crucial for completing mature smart home ecosystems. The right weather station has the power to save you money on your electric bills, help you track water usage outdoors, and even improve the quality of air where it matters most, inside your home. We are excited to announce that Yonomi now plays with the entire weather station line by Netatmo.

Netatmo is by far the most reliable and easy to use personal weather station available on the market. Experienced weather trackers can enjoy the robust features Netatmo offers to collect highly accurate weather data from their stations. You can use the data to track historical data trends, send notifications, and set Routines around important warnings.  

Using Yonomi with Your Netatmo Weather Station

Connecting your Netatmo station to Yonomi makes it easy to control your Routines with Alexa or Google Assistant, and even use it as part of your existing Routines with other devices.

Your Netatmo Weather Station comes with one outdoor module that sends temperature and humidity data, and one indoor station that tells you temperature, humidity, air pressure, air quality, and noise. The Wind and Rain Gauges are separate outdoor accessories that also play with Yonomi.

Taking your first step into building your ideal Smart Home usually starts off pretty easy: one device, one app. When you start adding more devices to your home, you’ll want to make sure you keep all those apps organized and that the devices you pick work together.

If Netatmo is your first device, try some light bulbs to follow. Your Yonomi App plays with all kinds of lighting options including Philips Hue, LIFX, TP-Link, Insteon, Osram Lightify, and lighting controls like switches, dimmers, and strips. We make the devices you love a whole lot better by keeping your Routines organized in one simple view and ensuring the devices you love work together. Check out our supported devices page for ideas on what to add next.


Getting Started with Netatmo

Setting up a cozy Routine can get your home nice and warm on a stormy day while you head home from work. You can customize this simple setup to trigger your preferred devices.

Cozy Day

When cumulative rain level in the last hour is above 8mm AND wind gusts are over 22km/h (13mi/h)

Run these Actions

  • Send me a notification

  • Lower my shades

  • Turn up the heat

But only if it’s a weekend AND it’s after 5:15

CO2 Caution!

Unchecked CO2 levels can cause your loved ones a headache - literally. Anything above 1000 ppm can lead to headaches, drowsiness, stagnant energy, and more. Don’t take the risk! Try this alert system to help you identify high levels of CO2 in your home.

When my Netatmo Indoor Module says CO2 is greater than 800ppm

Run these Actions

  • Send me a notification

  • Turn on my air purifier

  • Toggle the lights

But only if I’m home

Recommended Devices for this Routine

Here some devices that can help you get started with these Routines:

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