A New Sonos Smart Home Experience Is Live Today

Yonomi - Works With Sonos Integration Is Live.jpg

Available today with the most current version of Yonomi is a totally redesigned smart home experience for Sonos owners. As one of the inaugural members of the new “Works With Sonos” certified partner program, our team has worked hand-in-hand with Sonos engineers these past few months to design the best home automation experience possible for Yonomi and Sonos users.


What's New?

While many of the changes are below the surface, fans of Sonos will notice a smoother integration and expanded possibilities for their Yonomi smart home routines. Some of the new features include:

  • Improved stereo pair/surround zone support

  • A better in-app experience and more consistent and reliable discovery of your Sonos devices and Favorites

  • And most importantly—true multi-zone group support. With the new integration you will now be able to create Routines that automatically create groups based on the speakers included. And yes, this means you will finally be able to group speakers with Alexa or Google Assistant commands using our voice assistant integrations.

What Do I Need To Do To Get Started?

To get started, run Discovery/find new devices next time you are connected to your home WiFi. You will notice that your Sonos devices have been replaced by “new” devices, identifiable for a limited time by a green dot.

Because your old devices will have been removed by the update, any Routines you have that include Sonos devices need to be updated manually to swap out the "old" versions with these new ones. Until you do this, any Routines on your account that include Sonos devices will not work as intended.

How Do I Use Routines to Create Sonos Groups?

One of the most anticipated features of this new integration is the ability to use Yonomi to create, or break, Sonos groups.

To do this, simply create a Routine that plays the same Sonos favorite on multiple speakers. If those speakers are not already linked by a Sonos group, Yonomi will know to automatically create a group so that your speakers all play in sync.

And yes, thanks to our popular voice assistant integrations, this means that you can now create Sonos groups using Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Which Features Are No Longer Supported?

For longtime users of Sonos and Yonomi, you may notice that some features are no longer supported by our new “Works With Sonos” integration—you will no longer be able to use Yonomi to make text-to-speech announcements, play sound effects, or play Sonos playlists. 

While these features are not supported by the official Sonos API at this time, it’s possible they could make a return in the future through the Sonos developer platform and the official "Works With Sonos" certification program.

Download the latest version of Yonomi here, and stay tuned for future updates and partnership announcements from Yonomi and Sonos!