Support For More Than 20 Insteon Devices Added

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For those that appreciate reliable whole-home automation, few names stand out quite like Insteon. For more than a decade, they have been offering connected switches, outlets, sensors, light bulbs, and more that provide snappy response thanks to their patented dual-mesh technology.

Today, we are happy to announce that Yonomi now works with over 20 of the most popular Insteon devices! Those with supported Insteon devices in their homes can start adding them to their Yonomi Routines right away — no app update needed.

For those looking to expand the capability of their Yonomi Routines — we’ve teamed up with Insteon and Smarthome to offer a limited 20% discount off of all Insteon starter kits now through May 6th. Just enter code YONOMI18 at checkout.*


Patented Dual-Mesh Technology

Founded in 2005 as a subsidiary of Smartlabs, Inc., Insteon has made a name for itself among smart home experts thanks to its innovative dual-mesh technology. Rather than relying solely on wireless radio frequencies like most connected devices, Insteon products use a building’s existing electrical wiring as a backup protocol. Or, what Insteon has dubbed a “dual-mesh” network.

This use of your home’s hard wiring to send signals between devices means that Insteon products are as responsive as anything on the market.

For instance, if you create a “Night Time” Yonomi Routine signaling all of your Insteon switches to turn off, the coordination from switch to switch will be nearly instant. No need to worry about the dreaded “popcorn effect” as each switch turns off at the same time.

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Yonomi Users Can Save Now On New Insteon Products

With its wide range of switches, dimmers, outlets, sensors, thermostats, bulbs, and hubs, Insteon is one of the best options for those looking to increase automation in their home. And now, with support for the Yonomi app, it’s the best way to expand the capabilities of your Routines.

Now through May 6th, Yonomi users can enjoy 20% off of select Insteon starter kits and all Yonomi-compatible Insteon products purchased on Smarthome’s online store. Just add them to your cart and use the code YONOMI18 at checkout.*

Head over to Smarthome to grab your starter kit and bring your home to life with Insteon and Yonomi today!


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