Improved Philips Hue Support in the Yonomi App

With Philips Hue bulbs being one of the most popular devices in the Yonomi app, we're proud to bring Hue lovers an update to get even more out of their lighting Routines.

Behind-The-Scenes Improvements

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been updating our Philips Hue support behind-the-scenes. Some of the changes you may have already seen, others we hope were so seamless you didn't even notice.


What's New

  • Migration to the new v2.0 Philips Hue API
  • Smarter identification of the full Philips Hue range — Philips Hue, Aura, Bloom, Go, Iris, and Candle lights are all now separately ID'd in the Yonomi app
  • New, colorful icons for each bulb type 
  • Coming Soon: Scene support

Test out the improved integration today by running device discovery in the Yonomi app and setting up new Routines with your Philips Hue devices!

Yonomi - Philips Hue v2 Improved Support iPhone Screenshot 02.jpg