Third-Party Scene Support, Subroutines, and More in Yonomi 1.6.9 for iOS

Yonomi - iOS 1.6.9 Third Party Scenes BIG.jpg

Smart home lovers are in for a big surprise in the latest update to the Yonomi app. For the first time, Yonomi users can import third-party scenes to integrate directly into their Yonomi Routines!

Even better, you can now add any existing Yonomi Routine to a new Routine as a “Subroutine” for lightning-fast customization of any room in your home.

Available today on Yonomi 1.6.9 for iOS, third-party scenes and Subroutines will roll out soon for Android users.


Third-Party Scenes in the Yonomi App

As a truly agnostic home automation platform, we want you to be able to sync any device and any interface with your Yonomi account to bring your home to life. Every home is different, and we think it should be easy for smart home users to customize their living spaces as they see fit.

In pursuit of this mission, we’re proud to add support for third-party scenes in Yonomi 1.6.9 for iOS.

Beginning today, iOS users can import scenes from Philips Hue, LIFX, Wink, and Insteon, with support for more third-party scenes coming soon. Instead of needing to duplicate scenes you’ve already created in other apps, you can just integrate them into Yonomi and start doing more with your favorite devices.


Subroutines: A Routine Within a Routine

To make home automation with Yonomi even easier, Yonomi 1.6.9 also allows you to import existing Yonomi Routines into other Routines — what we call Subroutines. 

With Subroutines you don’t need to constantly recreate your favorite device settings each time you think of a new Routine idea. Create basic Routines for common actions — like playing music in the living room and kitchen — and then add those as Subroutines to more complex automation scenarios. 

How to Get Started

Have third-party scenes that you want to integrate into your Yonomi Routines? Just update to the latest version of Yonomi for iOS and take the following steps:

  1. Open Yonomi 1.6.9
  2. Go to 'Things' and run discovery of devices and third-party scenes by tapping the magnifying glass icon in the top right of the screen. Your Philips Hue, LIFX, Wink, and Insteon scenes should all be imported automatically.
  3. Tap 'Routines' and click '+' to add a new Routine or click on an existing Routine to edit
  4. Tap 'Add Action'
  5. Tap on 'Scenes' to add your third-party scenes, or 'Routines' to add existing Yonomi Routines as Subroutines
  6. Customize all of the conditions for your Routine and press 'Save'
  7. Tap 'Run' to test your new Routine!

Upgrade to the latest version of Yonomi for iOS to get started today