OSRAM LIGHTIFY Now Plays With Yonomi

Yonomi - OSRAM SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Support Added 01.jpg

The lighting options for Yonomi users continues to expand with support for SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY® by OSRAM added to the Yonomi App this week. Now, owners of LIGHTIFY® LED bulbs, outlets, lightstrips, and more will be able to integrate their devices into their Yonomi Routines for simplified home automation.

The LIGHTIFY® line, sold in different regions under both the OSRAM and SYLVANIA brands, is a powerful option for those looking to upgrade their home's lighting system. With built-in ZigBee technology, home owners can connect up to 50 LIGHTIFY® devices to a single system using the LIGHTIFY® Gateway, Wink Hub, or other certified ZigBee gateway.


Add LIGHTIFY® To Your Yonomi Routines

Yonomi - OSRAM SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Support Added iPhone 02.png

Yonomi users that own the following Zigbee-powered LIGHTIFY® devices can get started by adding them to their Yonomi Routines. Just run device discovery in the Yonomi App while you're connected to your home network and follow the onscreen prompts.

  • LIGHTIFY® A19 Multi-Color Bulb
  • LIGHTIFY® A19 Tunable White Bulb
  • LIGHTIFY® A19 Soft White Bulb
  • LIGHTIFY® BR30 Multi-Color Bulb
  • LIGHTIFY® BR30 Tunable White Bulb
  • LIGHTIFY® BR30 Soft White Bulb
  • LIGHTIFY® Multi-Color Flexible Strip
  • LIGHTIFY® Gardenspot Multicolor Mini Lights
  • LIGHTIFY® Outlet

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