How to Control Independent Room Temperatures in Your Home with Honeywell and Yonomi


Gone are the days when you have to battle your cohabitants for hotter or colder room temperatures. With the Honeywell Evohome, every room in the house can be tailored to unique individual preferences while increasing your household savings each month. Evohome is simple to install, has an incredibly easy user-interface, and state of the art zonal control.

Honeywell’s Evohome Smart Zoning Thermostat is the latest addition to the growing ecosystem of devices that play with Yonomi. Available for our friends in the UK, the Evohome is a simple, wireless, and expandable zoning thermostat for your home. It joins a large Honeywell family including the Lyric T6, Lyric T6 Pro, Lyric Round, and the WiFi Smart Thermostat, among other products.


Adding Evohome into Your Routines

Set up this easy Yonomi Routine to get started with your Evohome:


Set the time: When it is 7:00 pm

Run these actions:

  • Send Notification: Party Time!

  • Set evohome living room to 21 degrees

  • Set LIFX Color Bulbs to Blue at 62%

  • Set Sonos speakers volume to 38%

Add some conditions: “But only if: I am home.”

Recommended Devices for this Routine:

Add other devices to truly customize this Routine for your home.


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