Your Guide to Connecting Sonos and Google Home

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If you’re like us, you love using your Google Assistant and Google Home to do everything from reading the morning news to controlling all of your smart home devices. But if you’re also a fan of Sonos, you know that there hasn’t been an easy way to pair the two and control your Sonos system with your voice. Until now, that is.

Our recent update to the Yonomi App featuring improved Sonos controls offers the best smart home experience available for Sonos owners—including greater ability to control their sound system using the Google Assistant.

Follow our steps below for connecting your Sonos speakers to your Google Home through Yonomi, and completely transform your experience with sound and music in the home.

Step 1: Add Your Sonos Account to Yonomi

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  1. First, download and install the Yonomi App. Tap ‘Create an Account’ to sign up for Yonomi, or ‘Sign In’ if you already have an account.

  2. Run Discovery if you are adding devices for the first time, or refresh your current list of devices and accounts by tapping on the Things tab and pulling down until the spinning wheel appears.

  3. Once you’ve refreshed the Things tab, go to the Accounts & Hubs page to see all of your existing cloud accounts.

    • On iOS go to Settings > Accounts & Hubs.

    • On Android tap on the hamburger icon in the top left to find Accounts & Hubs.

  4. Tap the ‘+’ sign to add a new account.

  5. Under the Add Account page, you should see a list of all available services in alphabetical order. Click on Sonos Cloud near the bottom.

  6. On the next screen, click ‘Connect’ and follow the prompts to sign into your existing Sonos cloud account using your Sonos credentials.

    • If you do not have a Sonos cloud account, you will need to create one and add your existing Sonos speakers before integrating with Yonomi.

    • If you forgot your password, follow the instructions or contact Sonos customer support to retrieve it before continuing.

  7. Once you’ve signed in, you will be asked to allow Yonomi to control your Sonos system. Click ‘Okay’.

  8. You’ll be taken back to the Yonomi App to your Sonos Cloud Account screen. All of your Sonos devices should be listed with the names you gave them in the Sonos app.

    • If you do not see your devices, make sure they are plugged in and connected to the internet.

    • Tap ‘Refresh Devices’ on your Sonos Cloud Account screen in the Yonomi App to update the list of available devices.


Step II: Create New Yonomi Routines for Your Sonos Speakers

The way that Yonomi connects your Sonos speakers and Google Home is through Routines. Your Google Home cannot turn your speakers on/off, play your Sonos Favorites or Playlists, group speakers, or adjust the volume without a pre-set Yonomi Routine establishing the exact actions it should take.

But, using the Yonomi App you can set up Routines that do all of these things and more so that you can control your Sonos exactly how you want using your voice.

Image via    @Sonos

Image via @Sonos

“Hey Google, activate The Austin Music Experience”

Tune into the world-famous “Austin Music Experience”, KUTX, anytime of day thanks to Google Home and Sonos.

Create a new Routine in the Yonomi App called “The Austin Music Experience” with the following actions:

  • Living room Sonos Beam play Sonos Favorite “KUTX Radio”

  • Kitchen Sonos One play Sonos Favorite “KUTX Radio”

  • Office Sonos Play:5 play Sonos Favorite “KUTX Radio”

When you run this Routine, Yonomi will automatically create a Sonos group and sync your Sonos speakers.

Image via    @Sonos

Image via @Sonos

“Hey Google, activate My Sound Bath”

“Listening leads to an understanding of things that come up internally and externally on a deeper level. It’s about facilitation awareness of our own relationship to sound. When we listen with focus, mindfulness starts to stay with us and permeate into different areas of our lives.” — @saraauster

Create a new Routine in the Yonomi App called “My Sound Bath” with the following actions:

When you run this Routine, Yonomi will automatically create a Sonos group and sync your Sonos speakers.


Step III: Enable the Yonomi Action for Google Assistant

Yonomi - Google Assistant App Sync 01 (600x900).png

After you’ve installed the Yonomi App, synced your Sonos cloud account, and set up your new Yonomi Routines, you’re ready to connect everything to your Google Home.

  1. First, download and open the Google Home app on your mobile device.

  2. Open the Google Home app and tap the ‘+’ (Add) button at the top of your Home dashboard, directly under the words “Home”.

  3. Tap “Set up a device”.

  4. On the Set up screen tap “Works with Google”, right above where it says “Have something already set up?”.

  5. On the next screen type ‘Yonomi’ in the search bar at the top of the page and tap on Yonomi to link your account.

  6. On the sign in page that pops up, use your Yonomi credentials to log into your Yonomi account. Type ‘Connect with Yonomi’ to link your Yonomi account to your Google account.

  7. Back on your Home Control settings page within the Google Home app, all of your synced Yonomi Routines should now be visible under the ‘Devices’ tab.

    • You can also view these scenes through the Home Control settings page in your Google Assistant app (iOS) or widget (Android).


Step IV: Control Your Entire Home With Your Voice

Now that you’ve linked your Yonomi and Google Assistant accounts, the possibilities are limitless! Just say, “Hey Google, activate…” and the name of any of your synced Yonomi Routines. Soon you’ll be controlling your Sonos system and all your smart home devices without lifting a single finger.

Check out our growing list of supported devices to discover new ways to automate your home, and share your favorite Yonomi Routines with us by tagging @YonomiApp on Instagram or Twitter!


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