Yonomi Named 2019 IoT Development Tool of the Year

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We are proud to share today that Yonomi has been named as “IoT Development Tool of the Year” by the IoT Breakthrough Awards. With over 3,500 nominations from all over the world, the IoT Breakthrough Awards honor a select list of top companies and technologies in the IoT industry. Judges include senior-level, experienced IoT professionals including journalists, analysts, and technology executives.

Other winners this year include Dell Technologies, Tuya Smart, Kasa, Lenovo, Noon Lighting, Control4, Signify, Arlo, LIFX, Wyze Cam, and more.

As the The IoT company connecting the smart home, Yonomi powers software solutions for industry leaders like Schlage and Gentex, as well as exciting young startups looking to innovate in the connected home space. Yonomi ThinCloud, a turnkey Backend as a Service for consumer IoT devices, provides device manufacturers, OEMs, and systems integrators with a lightweight, rapidly scalable IoT platform to connect their smart home devices to the cloud. Yonomi One, a powerful platform for integrating and automating the smart home, gives app developers and service providers the ability to connect to hundreds of the most popular smart home devices with a single API.

“We couldn’t be more honored by this recognition, both for Yonomi and for the consumer IoT industry at large,” said Yonomi CEO Kent Dickson. “The connected home landscape has long been fractured, and required tremendous investment and expertise from anyone who entered. The demand we’re seeing shows how valuable greater standardization and interoperability can be for businesses of all sizes, and signals the potential for huge growth in the smart home market in the coming years.”

In 2019 Yonomi plans to continue to expand its suite of IoT developer solutions, reducing friction for companies looking to innovate in the smart home, as well as grow its free consumer app. Yonomi is also currently hiring at both its Austin, TX and Boulder, CO offices.

About Yonomi

Yonomi is the IoT company creating a more connected smart home. We build cloud-based technologies for companies and people looking to create wonderful experiences in the home.

Our suite of products includes the Yonomi App, a free mobile app for consumers that makes it simple to discover, connect, and automate the most popular smart home devices using a single service.

Our IoT solutions also include Yonomi ThinCloud, a turnkey Backend as a Service for building and scaling consumer IoT devices, and Yonomi One, a powerful platform for designing apps and services that integrate with the smart home.

Yonomi was founded in 2013 by Kent Dickson, Joss Scholten, and Garett Madole. The company is dual-headquartered in Austin, TX and Boulder, CO.

About IoT Breakthrough

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