The Best Way To Control Your Smart Home All In One Place


Let’s take a poll - how many smart home apps do you open per day to control your smart home?

How many smart home apps do you open per day?

You have a separate app for your smart lights, entertainment system, speakers, locks - the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be easier to consolidate everything in one place? 

If your phone screen is chock-full of different smart home apps and you're looking to streamline your system, keep reading.

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The Yonomi App 

Yonomi is a free smart home app that makes it easy to sync all of your connected devices using a single app. It’s designed to be the best and easiest way to create automated Routines and sync all of your smart home devices in one place. 

Yonomi partners with multiple companies in IoT creating innovative devices. Chances are, you see a few products you already use. 

Check out our full list of partners and view more information here

Download the free app here.

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Creating Yonomi Routines

Routines are at the heart of the Yonomi App, so let’s cover them next. Routines allow you to come up with personalized scenarios to optimize your smart home and amplify comfort levels. Routines can be triggered manually or automatically based on conditions - it’s up to you.

Here’s an example of a Yonomi Routine:

Host an Outdoor Dinner Party

Create a new Routine in the Yonomi App called “Outdoor Dinner Party” with the following actions:

  • Play “Summer Party” playlist on Sonos

  • Unlock the door for guests to come and go

  • Turn on outdoor lights at 7 pm

Devices you’ll need: Philips Hue or LIFX Bulbs, Sonos Speaker, Schlage or August lock

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Yonomi Works With Voice Assistants

We’ve been talking about the convenience of connecting all of your devices with Yonomi - let’s take it a step further and tell you that you’re able to trigger your Routines using your voice.

To help you get the most out of your favorite voice assistants, we’ve designed the new Yonomi 1.7 for iOS to make it as easy as possible to sync your smart home Routines with Alexa, your Google Assistant, and yes—Siri.

That means the next time you want to run your Bedtime Routine, simply say, “Hey Google, run Bedtime Routine” and watch your devices magically go to work. 

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Now that we’ve told you a little about how Yonomi can streamline your smart home, let us know any questions you have in the comments. We can’t wait to see what Routines you’ll make with Yonomi!