Rapidly Integrate Cloud Support with Yonomi Embedded C SDK

It’s hard to get excited about a software development kit - unless you’re a developer.  In the case of the ThinCloud Embedded C SDK, we’ve bridged a gap for device builders that makes prototyping and building device-to-cloud connectivity fast, efficient and fun… for a developer. But, why C?


C’s Efficiency is Critical for Low Power Devices

While we already had SDKs for more modern languages, a C SDK was a critical requirement for a number of device makers interested in using Yonomi Thincloud.  Unlike the trend of most programming languages and modern programming paradigms, the C language hasn’t changed significantly in over a decade (some might say 2 decades).  That’s, of course, not a coincidence. C runs at a low layer of software, closer to the hardware than modern languages.  This also means that C uses resources more efficiently than other languages, which can be critical for low-power, low-resource things.  

As a compiled language, C is naturally more efficient than modern, interpreted languages. While much of the evolution in software development seeks to simplify and abstract low-level system components in order to increase developer efficiency, C settled in at a very respectable place: low-level compute efficiency.  Where more modern run-time environments solve problems by giving developers a mech suit, C developers get a toolbox and a slim jim. And, that’s how they like it.


Yonomi C SDK Covers a Full Set of Cloud Management Activities

The Thincloud C SDK allows device makers to rapidly integrate cloud support to their existing devices running on most c-based embedded system platforms, without code porting.  The SDK covers the full set of cloud device management activities from device provisioning to commissioning to state management, updates and device control.

Get Started

Bridging the gap from cloud-to-device is easier with SDKs, and C native developers expect C native SDKs. Thincloud device makers get another tool in their toolbox. The details of getting the SDK integrated with your device platform quickly can be found in the Embedded C SDK Tutorial.  


About the Author

Wilson is a technical sales support and implementation specialist at Yonomi. Experienced at tactical and operational levels at companies large and small, Wilson lives to solve problems and ensure customer success. We mean it - message this guy if you have any kind of problem. He once helped a guy move so they wouldn't miss a project milestone.


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