How To Create a Smart Home

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Gone are the days where the idea of a smart home revolved around major renovations or inaccessible, expensive installations. In the last few years, the smart home has become based less around a fantasy world out of the Jetsons and more of an attainable reality. Apps and services that manage your tasks, doorbells with cameras that can alert you of visitors remotely, and more are becoming the norm in the home.

Today, the majority of smart home functions are available through affordable products that require minimal setup, without obstructing any part of your home. You can pick the functions you want and implement many of the products by yourself.

However, now that there are so many home-tech products available, how do you know where to start when it comes to making your home smart? We put together a few simple tips to help you begin your smart home adventure.

Start with One Product

Trying to make your home an instant technological utopia will only lead you to feel overwhelmed. Focus on just one room to get started, and pick a single product to implement in the room. When choosing your product, think about how the product will edify your everyday routines.

For example, if manually turning off your lights when you go to bed is getting old, invest in a smart plug to control a lamp. Pick the product that you’ll gain value from immediately and that will be most useful to your daily life - a smart thermostat, speaker, doorbell, or dimmer are all great options. If you find the first product helpful, build from there and add on other devices.

Use your Home as Inspiration

Focusing on where you spend the most time in your home is a great jumping off point to gather device inspiration. Do you spend lazy weekend days camped out in the living room? If so, investing in a Logitech Harmony Hub is a great way to control your TV and entertainment systems.

Want to improve the mood of your bedroom? Smart light bulbs from Philips Hue, OSRAM, or LIFX can be set up to help you wake up naturally with brighter blue lights and fall asleep with soft warm lighting. If you love to cook, placing a Google Home on your kitchen counter can assist you in following along with recipes and organizing your grocery list.


Solve a Problem

The whole philosophy around making a home smart is to make your life easier and more comfortable. When shopping for smart home devices, lead with this mindset and choose a problem to solve. What experiences and functions of your home can be enhanced if they were simply automated?

If you have multiple family members or frequent guests, consider installing a keyless smart lock, like August Smart Lock or Schlage Sense. Are you wanting to make your home more secure, or keep an eye on your pet while you're away? A home security camera such as Nest Cam or Arlo Q can keep track of activity inside or outside. Installing smart lights is an easy way to make your home look vacated to deter intruders and decrease the likelihood of break-ins. If your energy bills are becoming unreasonably high, a ecobee3 Thermostat or Nest Thermostat can take over running your heat and A/C more efficiently.

Starter Pack

Check out our recommendations for the best starter smart home gear:

All of the items on this list are compatible with other smart home products, and they’re all part of the Yonomi ecosystem as well. Plus, they all come with simple setup instructions and require minimum maintenance. Cheers to getting smarter!

Creating a smart home may seem intimidating, but starting small and implementing only essential products will help the smooth out the process. Making a few decisions and setting up just a few devices will open your mind to the magic of smart home possibilities.

When you finally have your smart home running, it’s time to automate your routines with Yonomi. The free Yonomi App allows you to automate your smart home by creating routines based on your lifestyle, favorite activities, and preferences. You can set them to run automatically at a specific time of day, triggered by your location, or run manually only when you need it. Get inspired by a few of our favorite Springtime Routines, and let us know your favorite new routines in the comments.