Android 1.7 Brings Third-Party Scene Support, Routines Within Routines, & Updated UI

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There’s a new version of the Yonomi App hitting the Google Play Store and it’s one of our biggest Android updates yet!

Some of the most requested features we’ve heard from our Android users have been added including third-party scenes and Routines within Routines, plus an updated user experience to more closely match the experience of our iOS app.

Head to the Google Play Store to install version 1.7 on your device and start experimenting with the latest features.

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Third-Party Scene Support

Now, with Yonomi 1.7 for Android users can import their existing scenes from Philips Hue, LIFX, Wink, Insteon, Lutron, and OSRAM LIGHTIFY to create complex home automation Routines in a flash. No need to recreate the scenes you’ve already built in your device’s native app to build a “Goodnight Routine” or a “Vacation Routine” in Yonomi.

As a truly agnostic smart home platform, Yonomi wants to make it simple to sync all of your favorite smart home devices and services together in one place and bring your home to life. Now owners of Philips Hue, LIFX, Wink, and Insteon devices can enjoy a more integrated smart home experience, and we plan to add support for more third-party scenes in the future.

Yonomi - Android 1.7 Third Party Scenes and Subroutines 04.jpg

Subroutines: Routines Within Routines

Yonomi 1.7 for Android also adds Subroutines, or Routines within Routines. Like third-party scene support, Subroutines greatly simplify the Routine creation process by allowing you to add an existing Yonomi Routine as part of a new, more complex Routine.

Many Yonomi users may have groups of Routines that run similar actions but under different circumstances. Maybe you want to turn on a group of Philips Hue lights in your living room at 50% brightness at sunset when you’re home, but not until 9:30pm when you’re on vacation. Now, you can have a single Routine that turns on your living room lights at 50% brightness when triggered, and then add that as a Subroutine to a “Sunset Routine” and a “Vacation Routine”.

As you add more devices to your smart home, Yonomi Subroutines and third-party scene support ensure that home automation will get easier—not more difficult.

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User Interface Updates

Longtime Yonomi users will also notice some user interface updates in Android version 1.7 that more closely match the UI of our iOS app. We wanted to create a more consistent experience for those users that switch between iOS and Android, or even have Yonomi running on multiple iOS and Android devices in their home at the same time

New UI updates you might notice are a refreshed sign-in page and onboarding experience, as well as the addition of a settings tab to replace the old nav drawer and a magnifying glass to help you find new devices in the Things tab.

To experience all of these updates for yourself, as well as improved reliability throughout the app, be sure to upgrade to the latest version of Yonomi for Android by clicking the button below!


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