How to Create Smart Home Routines with Yonomi


Yonomi Routines give you seamless command of your smart home in one place. Routines are at the heart of the Yonomi App - they allow you to come up with personalized scenarios to optimize your smart home and amplify comfort levels. Routines can be triggered manually or automatically based on conditions - it’s up to you.

Rather than simply turning on and off devices, you can let your imagination run wild, all in your control. That means changing the color of lights while dimming others, cooling down a room with some AC, or blasting music through smart speakers. Based on what smart devices you own, there are numerous possibilities to create routines that will make your home more comfortable.  

First, let’s learn how to create a new routine.


Creating Basic Yonomi Routines

  • Navigate to the Routines tab.

  • Tap on the + icon in the top right corner.

  • A New Routine screen will appear. Name your routine in the Routine Name section.

  • Tap on the + icon next to Add Event. Add events based on date and time and/or location preferences. (Note: Events are optional.)

  • Navigate back to the New Routine screen.

  • Tap on the + icon next to Add Action. Add actions from the following options: “Things”, Scenes”, and “Routines.”

  • Tap on Things to view the connected devices you can implement in your routine creation.

  • Tap on Scenes to view the view previously imported created routines within your device account any imported scenes from other apps will be there. Run scenes on routines / don’t start from scratch.

  • Tap on Routines to view the existing Yonomi routines to new Yonomi routines. Certain routine already exists, add it to new one.

  • Navigate back to the New Routine screen.

  • Tap on the + icon next to Add Condition. Add desired conditions based on date, time and/or location.

  • Navigate back to the New Routine screen. Tap Save in the top right corner.

Mastered the basic routine? Now let’s get into learning how to create a more complex routine.

Creating Complex Yonomi Routines

There are a few ways to create more complex routines - using location-based triggers, time-based triggers, or event-based triggers.

Using Location-Based Triggers: Use locations to trigger events based on when you arrive or leave a location. For example, “Turn off the lights when I leave the house.”

  • First, make sure the device’s location is turned on.

  • Navigate to Settings and tap Locations.

  • Tap Add Location Access if needed.

  • To add a new location, click Add a Location.

  • Search for a location at the top of the screen. You can enter an address or hit the compass icon to use your current GPS location. You can also use the pin to pick your exact location and drag the geofence to expand or shrink the size of the location.

  • Type in the name of the location (e.g. Home, Work) in the Name section. Optional: You can add the location’s wifi network name to improve reliability.

  • Add multiple locations as needed.

Once you add locations, you can trigger events using a location, and you can also use your location as a condition. For example, “When it’s sunset, turn off my lights, but only when I’m home.”

Using Time-Based Triggers: Trigger events based on time of day, a specific day, whether it’s a weekday or weekend, or whether it is sunrise or sunset (calculated on GPS location). You can also set it to trigger if it’s before a certain time of day or after a certain time of day. For example, “At 10 AM, turn the thermostat up to 75 degrees, and at 5 PM turn it down to 72 degrees, but only if it’s a weekend day.”

  • Navigate to Routines.

  • When creating or editing a routine, use date/time as conditions when a routine can run. Tap Add Condition to input this information.

Note: You can only pick the entire weekday or weekend if you choose to go this route - you can’t handpick certain days of the week or weekend. The app doesn’t include this function at this time but has a possibility to implement this in the future.

Using Event-based Triggers -  Trigger events based on a device’s supported capabilities. Devices with supported events include sensors of all kinds, thermostats, and switches. For example, when a water sensor detects water, it will alert you.

  • Navigate to the Routines screen.

  • Tap the + icon to create a new routine.

  • If you have a device that supports events, they will be visible here when you go to create a routine. Events will be populated under date/time and location.

  • To see which devices have supported events, go to the Supported Devices page on our website or within the settings on your app.

Now that we’ve learned how to create a routine, let’s get some more ideas flowing! Check out the blog posts below for more details, and tell us about your favorite routines in the comments.

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