Take It Easy With These Weekend Smart Home Routines


Arguably one of the greatest benefits of smart technology is its ability to make our homes and lives more comfortable. This certainly comes in handy on the weekends, when all we want to do is take a break from the work week and participate in leisurely activities. Check out some Yonomi Routine ideas for relaxing on the weekend and let the Yonomi App automate everything. Cheers to that!


Here are a few weekend Yonomi Routines to consider:


Soak in the Bath

Get the Epsom salt and a cup of tea ready. Some nights you just need to stay in for the sake of self-care.

Create a new Routine in the Yonomi App called “Bath Time” with the following actions:

  • Dim bathroom lights to 20% soft yellow light

  • Play “Bath Songs to Relax” playlist on Sonos One

  • Warm up the house

Devices you’ll need:  Philips Hue or LIFX Bulbs, Sonos Speaker, Nest or Honeywell Thermostat


Wake Up Late

There are few luxuries as great as sleeping in on weekend after a long weekend or a fun night out.

Create a new Routine in the Yonomi App called “Weekend Wake Up” with the following actions:

  • Turn on the smart lights in your bedroom

  • Broadcast today’s weather on your Sonos

  • Start up your coffee maker

  • Warm up the house

  • Turn on the downstairs TV

Devices you’ll need: Philips Hue or LIFX Bulbs, Sonos Speaker, Nest or Honeywell Thermostat, Logitech Harmony Hub, and a WeMo Coffee Maker or Switch


Chill by the Pool

Soak up the sun and let your smart home create the optimal conditions for a relaxing evening by the pool.

Create a new Routine in the Yonomi App called “Pool Day” with the following actions:

  • Play “Chill Hits” playlist on Sonos outdoor speakers

  • Turn on string lines using the Insteon outdoor module

Devices you’ll need: Insteon outdoor module, Sonos Speaker


Stay in for the Movies

Get ready for a cozy night of binge-watching the latest Netflix show. This routine can be triggered from your phone or voice assistant.

  • Turn on TV and Apple TV

  • Dim living room lights to a soft yellow

  • Turn all other lights off

  • Turn up the heat

Devices you’ll need: Logitech Harmony Hub, Philips Hue or LIFX Bulb, and Nest or Honeywell Thermostat
Optional devices:
Apple Watch or Amazon Echo


Enjoy a Meal on the Patio

This routine is best enjoyed on a leisurely weekend night on the patio with a home-cooked meal and a glass of wine (or two).

  • Play “Acoustic Covers” playlist on Sonos

  • Turn on WeMo switch to engage the outdoor heater

  • Turn on outdoor string lights

Devices you’ll need: Philips Hue or Osram Lightify outdoor lights, WeMo switch, and Sonos Speaker


How do you use smart home technology to relax and unwind on the weekends? Let us know what “chill” routines you’ve created with Yonomi in the comments.