Streamline Your Morning Routine with Smart Home Technology


Want to set yourself for success and be more productive? Implementing a morning routine is an amazing way to kickstart each day.

Start off on the right foot with the help of your smart home. By automating your morning routine with smart technology, waking up will be less of a burden and more of a joy.

Here are four ways smart tech can help you rise and shine every day.


Illuminate your bedroom naturally

Forget loud alarms - there’s no need to wake up abruptly ever again with smart home technology. Try waking up naturally to soft, gradually increasing light.

Try replacing your regular bulbs with smart bulbs and program them to turn on at a specific time. From there, choose your desired brightness and how long it should take to reach its peak. Make your whole bedroom lighting situation smart by creating a schedule for your overhead lights and bedside lamps around the time you need to wake up.

Our picks: Smart lighting options from Philips Hue, Lutron Caséta, LIFX, and OSRAM


Gently raise the temperature

The worst thing about leaving the bed in the morning? Abandoning your covers when the house is freezing. Avoid waking up to a chilly temperature by setting your smart thermostat to gradually raise the temperature minutes before you plan on getting out of bed.

Ensuring your bedroom’s temperature is comfortable will help make getting out bed much less jarring. If you require a shock of cold air to coax you out of sleep, simply lower the temperature a few degrees before rising.

Our picks: Honeywell Home Round Thermostat, ecobee3 Thermostat


Have a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you

Mornings run smoother when coffee is involved. With your smart home, you can automatically make yourself a fresh cup before you even arrive at the kitchen.

While smart coffee makers exist, you can also make your current coffeemaker smart by plugging it into a smart plug. Just make sure that your coffee maker has a toggle switch for a power button that will remain on after brewing is complete. This requirement is important because it will let you control its function externally with the smart switch.

Set your smart plugs on a schedule, or take it one step forward by picking one that is compatible with a voice assistant. From there, all it takes is creating a shortcut that will turn on the smart plug with a simple voice command such as “Hey Google, coffee time.”

Our picks: Options from MiHome or Kasa Smart


Get a morning brief

Get briefed on the day by receiving weather and traffic updates and news - or listen to your to-do list and check your calendar. Smart speakers make it easier than ever to map out your morning without lifting a finger.

Set up a Flash Briefing every morning at the same time if you wish, or simply ask for it by saying “Alexa, play my Flash Briefing” or “OK Google, good morning.” You’ll be updated and prepared to tackle the day.

Our picks: Options from Google or Amazon Alexa


Everyone’s morning routine is different, so make it your own. If you want to automate your smart home devices in one place for an even smoother start to your day, try the Yonomi App. Let us know your favorite morning routines that you’ve improved with smart home tech in the comments.