Celebrate Independence Day With These Smart Home Routines


The Fourth of July holiday is coming up quick, and your smart home can help you celebrate with ease and style. If you’re hosting this year, check out these Yonomi Routines to throw a barbecue or pool party. 


Host a Barbecue

What’s an Independence Day celebration without firing up the grill? Your outdoor barbecue will be a hit, especially with smart home tech on your side. 

  • Play “Summer Party” playlist on Sonos

  • Unlock the door for guests to come and go

  • Turn on outdoor lights at 7 pm

Devices you’ll need: Philips Hue or Osram Lightify outdoor lights, Schlage Smart Lock, and Sonos Speaker

Tips for setting up a Barbecue Routine: 

  • Try using warm white lights to emulate the summer sun.

  • Hang smart string lights around your deck or patio for an extra magical effect as the sun goes down.


Throw a Pool Party

Enjoy the day off with a dip in the pool surrounded by family and friends. The whole group is sure to feel the good vibes with this Routine.

  • Turn on living room TV to SportsCenter

  • Play “Feel Good Summer” playlist on Sonos outdoor speakers

  • Unlock the door for guests to come and go

  • Turn on string lines using the Insteon outdoor module

Devices you’ll need: Logitech Harmony Hub, Insteon outdoor module, Sonos Speaker, and Schlage Smart Lock

Tips for setting up a Pool Party Routine: 

  • Set your door to lock on a time condition so you won’t have to worry about letting guests in when the party begins.

  • Buy some colorful string or strip lights to turn your backyard into a luminescent glow when the sun goes down.


What are your plans for the Fourth of July holiday? Tell us your own Routine ideas in the comments.