OmniFob™ Is the Yonomi-Compatible Key Fob You’ve Been Waiting For

Yonomi - OmniFob by Keyport Kickstarter Launch Hero.jpg

Launching today on Kickstarter, OmniFob™ by Keyport is an all-in-one smart fob that places smart home control and personal security features at your fingertips. Compatible with Yonomi right out of the gate, OmniFob™ allows Yonomi users to trigger their favorite smart home Routines with a single button on their keychain.

No bigger than your index finger, OmniFob™ is bound to be a must-have accessory for smart home lovers. 

Smart Home Control

Thanks to its out of the box compatibility with Yonomi, OmniFob™ makes it simple to control a wide array of your favorite smart home devices. With a few clicks, you can trigger any Yonomi Routine from your pocket — no need to unlock your phone or speak to a voice assistant.

Want to make sure your doors are locked and lights are off while you’re walking out to your car in the morning? OmniFob™ and Yonomi make it as simple as a few clicks on your keychain.

OmniFob™ is also compatible with Samsung SmartThings for even wider smart home control through the SmartThings Hub. Through its integration with NexxGarage, OmniFob™ is also able to control most automatic garage door openers.

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Personal Security

For a device that can control so much of your life, the Keyport team placed personal security at a premium. The only information actually written to your OmniFob™ is the custom names you select for each device, scene, and routine. No biometrics, no direct device connections, no private data, and no data history are ever stored on your OmniFob™.

If you happen to misplace your OmniFob™, there is no need to worry. OmniFob™ is simply designed to act as a Bluetooth shortcut to your mobile phone. If someone were to find your OmniFob™, they would need to be within Bluetooth range (approx. 60 feet) to control any of your smart home devices.

If you lose your OmniFob™ completely, just unpair it in your Keyport app and your devices will be inoperable even if a thief happens to get within Bluetooth range. 

Early Bird Discount on Kickstarter

OmniFob™ is available for preorder now on Kickstarter and will ship very soon. Early Bird slots for the earliest backers offer discounts as high as 50%, but will fill up soon!

Head over to Kickstarter now to learn more about the OmniFob™ project and be one of the first to reserve yours.