6 Smart Home Routines To Try With LIFX

Photo: slashgear.com

Photo: slashgear.com


Here at Yonomi, we’re grateful to include innovative smart home technology brands in the Plays With Yonomi ecosystem. Each one gives a different, inventive approach to making the home more comfortable and cozy. 

In this post, we’re focusing on our partner LIFX - a smart lighting brand that offers a line of energy-efficient, multi-color, WiFi enabled, and digital addressable LED light bulbs. LIFX truly emulates the idea of how light can truly brighten your home in a whole new way. 

Check out these Yonomi Routines you can run using LIFX smart lights.


Wake up with natural light

We’ve praised smart home technology’s ability to improve your morning and nighttime routines before. What’s incredible about smart lighting is that it can be used to reinforce the body’s natural rhythm and sleep cycle to help you sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more refreshed. According to research, blue light is more optimal in the daytime because it can help keep you focused.

Try this Yonomi Morning Routine:

  • Set your smart bulbs to start at 15% and gradually increase to 70% 

  • Gently raise the temperature

  • Have a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you 

  • Get a morning brief 

Tip: Set the bulbs on a time condition so they gradually increase in luminosity as wakeup time approaches. 


Light Up the Dance Floor

Smart lights can take a house party to the next level with a wide variety of colors and effects.

Try this Yonomi Dance Party Routine:

  • Play “Happy Playlist” on your Sonos with volume at 70%

  • Set overhead lights to 45% purple light

  • Set lamps with LIFX color-changing bulbs to 70% light


Set Lights to Vacation Mode

If you’re going out of town and want to make sure your house looks occupied to discourage break-ins, implementing smart lights is key. You can set routines using the Yonomi App for the lights to switch on and off to give the appearance that someone is home. 

Try this Yonomi Vacation Lights Routine:

  • Turn living room lamp on at 8pm

  • Turn bedroom lamp on at 8pm

  • Turn off living room lamp at 7am

  • Turn off bedroom lamp at 7am

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Throw an Outdoor Party

When the sun goes down on an outdoor barbecue or pool party, let your backyard evolve into a magical wonderland with twinkling string lights. 

Try this Yonomi Outdoor Party Routine:

  • Trigger Harmony Hub to turn on living room TV 

  • Play “Party Time” playlist on Sonos outdoor speakers

  • Unlock door for guests to come and go

  • Turn on LIFX outdoor lights at sunset


Host a Dinner Party

Enhance the ambiance of a dinner party or get-together by letting your smart lights give your gathering an upscale, welcoming feel. 

Try this Yonomi Dinner Party Routine:

  • Living room LIFX bulbs set to 50%

  • Chandelier LIFX bulbs dim to 30%

  • Kitchen LIFX bulbs dim to 40%


Wind Down For the Night

Smart lights can help notify your body that it’s time to relax and wind down. Exposure to warm light is better in the evening, which may increase melatonin.

Try this Yonomi Bedtime Routine:

  • Turn off the TV and audio

  • Dim LIFX bulbs to 30% warm yellow light

  • Play white noise or meditation playlist on your Sonos

  • Lock all doors


Have you implemented LIFX smart lights in your smart home setup? Tell us about your experience in the comments.