Sunset/Sunrise Routines Are More Powerful Than Ever In New Yonomi Update


One of our most requested features ever is live now in the Yonomi App! For the first time, Yonomi users can scope their Routines to run based on sunset and sunrise conditions.  

Even better, you’ll be able to set offsets to add buffer time to events occurring around sunrise and sunset. This will help create Routines that can make your home safer and more comfortable (check out our suggested Routines later in this post!)

These features are all available today on both Yonomi for iOS and Android — no app update is necessary.


Sunset/Sunrise Offsets for Events

In addition to sunrise and sunset condition support, we’ve also added support for offsetting sunrise and sunset events. This helps to configure your sun-event based Routines to run at a predetermined offset before or after sunset or sunrise, giving you more control over your home as the seasons change and the sun rises and sets at different times during the year.

In all there are 4 new Events that have been added to the Date & Time service:

  • It’s minutes before sunrise at [Location]

  • It’s minutes after sunrise at [Location]

  • It’s minutes before sunset at [Location]

  • It’s minutes after sunset at [Location]

For example, you can now say “Turn on the lights 15 minutes before sunset”, which will come in handy when you want to make sure the lights are on in the living room before the sun is down, so you can arrive home from work to a well-lit home.


Sunset/Sunrise Conditions

Sunset/Sunrise conditions tell a Routine whether to run or not. You have the ability to create a condition that triggers a Routine IF it’s before or after sunrise or sunset.

Look for the new “It’s after sunrise and before sunset at a Location” and “It’s after sunset and before sunrise at Location” Conditions under your Date & Time service when you create a Routine.

An example of Sunset/Sunrise conditions in action: creating a Routine to turn on the front porch lights if motion is detected, but only if it’s after sunset. This helps save electricity, helps keep your home safer, and keeps the lights from turning on when they shouldn’t. 

Time Zone Improvements

We’ve also recently made some changes to no longer require your account to have an associated Location for time-based Routines to run. Instead, we’ve automatically assigned a time zone to your user based on the previous primary location, or based on the time zone associated with your mobile device. You can adjust this by going to Settings > User > Time Zone.

You can now also choose a specific location for your sunset and sunrise sunset/sunrise events and conditions, so if you have multiple locations you can pick which one to use. This is especially helpful when you are creating a Routine in a location outside of your home.  If you had existing Routines that used sunrise/sunset events, they’ve been automatically updated to use the location they were already referencing.

Time-Based Routine Performance Improvements

Finally, you may have noticed much better performance of your existing time-based Routines that run at a specific time.  Over the last several months we overhauled our time-based Routine execution platform so that they will run much faster, generally immediately as soon as the second-hand hits 0.

Check out these Routine ideas to implement the Sunset/Sunrise feature into your smart home.


“Fido’s Lights” Routine

If you’re going to be late coming home from work in the evening, you want to make sure the lights are on for your pet. Depending on how much tree coverage you have in your yard, sometimes your house can become dark even before the sun sets. This Routine allows extra buffer time just as it starts to get dark outside.  

  • Turn on living room lights 30 minutes before sunset at 70%

  • Turn on bedroom lamp 30 minutes before sunset at 100%

  • Turn on hallway lights 30 minutes before sunset at 40%


“Vacation Lights On” Routine

If you’re going on vacation, it’s a good idea to leave some lights on to deter burglars at night. This Routine makes the house look occupied while you’re away without wasting copious amounts of electricity.

  • Turn on living room lamp 1 hour before sunset

  • Turn on bedroom lights 1 hour before sunset

You can also create a separate “Vacation Lights Off” Routine to make sure the lights turn off before sunrise the next morning.

How will you use the sunset/sunrise feature to enhance your Routines? Let us know in the comments.