Get Healthy With The New And Improved Yonomi And Withings Integration


We’re excited to announce the return of Withings to bring a health-kick to Yonomi App Routines and the Yonomi One platform! Withings is one of the leaders in the connected health revolution, offering beautiful, smart products and services that help people become happier and healthier. 

While older Withings and Nokia Health devices had been compatible with the Yonomi App, today’s update adds support for their full line of watches, fitness trackers, and scales — as well as an overhaul of the entire integration. 

With Withings and Yonomi, you can trigger Routines to run when you hit your activity and weight goals to motivate you to live your best life. Or, you can trigger a Routine to run when your heart rate is outside of its normal range to help you monitor your health. 

Note: With this update, we’ve fully deprecated the previous Withings integration. If you previously had a Withings or Nokia account connected to Yonomi, you will need to reconnect to your Withings account and recreate any Routines you have had previously had.


Setting Up Withings and Yonomi

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Yonomi App, run Discovery to automatically sync Withings and other compatible devices on your network. Discovery runs by default when you first create a Yonomi account, or you tap the Things tab and click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner. Read more about discovering devices here

In a few seconds, your Withings account should appear in the list and you can follow the instructions to link it to Yonomi. Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Accounts & Hubs to link your Withings account manually.

Compared to our previous integration, you no longer need to select which devices your own - the new integration will now pull them in automatically.


Adding Withings Devices to Your Yonomi Routines

Setting up Yonomi Routines allows you to unlock the full potential of all your smart home devices. Just add Withings to existing Yonomi Routines, or create new ones that are personalized to your schedule and preferences.

By adding Withings to your Yonomi Routines, you can have your home act as a motivational tool and reward you for achieving your exercise goals. Or, you can be notified of vital health information as you’re going about your day. 

Here’s the full list of Withings products supported by Yonomi:


Withings Body

Withings Body+

Withings Body Cardio

Withings Wireless Scale

Withings Smart Body Analyzer


Withings Pulse

Withings Pulse HR

Withings Move

Withings Move ECG

Withings Steel

Withings Steel HR

Withings Steel HR Sport

Withings Activité

Withings Activité Pop

Withings Go

What can you do with Withings and Yonomi? Here are a few ideas.


Daily Steps Routine

  • When I take 10,000 steps:

    • Play “Favorites” playlist on my Sonos

    • Turn on LIFX tile


Weight Loss Goals Routine

  • When my weight is less than X lbs:

    • Play “Party” playlist on Sonos

    • Set Hue bulbs to purple at 70%

How will you incorporate Withings with your Yonomi Routines? Let us know in the comments.