Hey Alexa, meet Yonomi.

It’s almost as monumental as when Harry met Sally or when Luke met his father. The most powerful connected home app meets the most powerful voice command assistant. Your connected home experience didn’t just go to the next level, it went to the stratosphere!  

amazon_echoYonomi now plays well with Amazon Echo

Ask Alexa to run your Routines and control any of your Devices. Alexa becomes the ultimate multi-tasker thanks to Yonomi managing several devices at once.

Don’t have Alexa in your home yet? Buy an Amazon Echo


Have Alexa run your routines:

No need to pull out your phone or even locate your phone for that matter.  Alexa can work with Yonomi to run any of your Routines. The key phrase to say is: “Alexa, turn on [Routine Name]”


iStock_000073950089_72dpiAlexa, turn on Movie Night

  • LIFX bulbs dim
  • Logitech Harmony Hub starts your TV Movie activity
  • Sonos pauses the music
  • Schlage Connect locks the door
  • Nest makes the room a bit more cozy

Alexa, turn on Kids’ Bedtime

  • Philips Hue lights in the kids’ room dim
  • Nest adjusts to the perfect temp
  • Sonos puts on a nighttime playlist
  • WeMo Insight night light turns on


iStock_000063901099_LRAlexa, turn on my Morning Motivation

  • Nest adjusts the temperature
  • WEMO Mr. Coffee starts brewing
  • Sonos announces the weather
  • Sonos turns on your Morning Music



The possibilities are endless…

Alexa can also manage certain individual devices you have set up in Yonomi outside of your Routines.

  • Alexa, turn on/turn off Sonos (play/pauses whatever music is cued)
  • Alexa, turn on Apple TV (taps into Logitech Harmony)
  • Alexa, turn on WeMo Mr. Coffee
  • Alexa, turn on/off or set Quirky Aros

Here’s how to setup the Yonomi skill in the Alexa app:

  1. Launch the Alexa App
  2. Tap on menu > Smart Home > Yonomi
  3. Tap “Enable Skill” and then sign into your Yonomi account
  4. Say “Alexa, discover devices” or tap “Discover devices” within the Smart Home tab of the Alexa app.
    NOTE: If you change a Routine name or create a new one, you will need to run discovery again.

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Along with the Amazon Echo, Yonomi plays well with over 60 of the most popular devices. They no longer have to run independently in multiple apps.  An action taken with one device, can trigger a sequence of actions of your other devices, making your connected home simpler and more comfortable.

If you do not have Yonomi yet, get started. Simply download the free Yonomi app from Google Play or the App Store. Yonomi will take you through the setup process to discover all your devices and help you connect them.

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  1. Joshua Timothy Reply

    This is sweet, and it works great! I have been using Yonomi with Amazon Alexa for a week now! Thanks

  2. Gregory Carrier Reply

    I couldn’t get the Yonomi routine to start via Echo Alexa even though Echo showed that my Logitech Harmony Home/Hub was connected via Yonomi from a prior discovery of devices. Emailing support@yonomi.co was extremely helpful!

    After you add a routine in Yonomi, you have to ask “Alexa, discover my devices” to refresh Echo’s internal list that it keeps. Then you can say “Alexa, TURN ON Cable” or whatever you have. Works great. Just refresh this discovery after adding routines in Yo. Within the Alexa app, you can go to the menu, Smart Home, Your Devices to see all of the Yonomi routines it knows and potentially remove one.

    Also, my Android app had poor user tap response, but support came through again, replying that we need to allow the app phone access for now, until the next app update. So now it works well for me.

    I’m thrilled! Yonomi works well, and their support is fantastic. I just need to add a bunch more Harmony Activities to link through to do even more.

  3. Mike Reply

    I like the potential but having trouble create an action. I would like to run my sonos on a pandora station. Maybe I’m just old and missing something. I tried creating a routine with and action to turn in sonos but there is no option for that. B

    • Yonomi Support Reply

      Hi Mike!

      Thanks for trying the app! You first should add your Pandora station as a Sonos Favorite in your Sonos App. Then, restart the Yonomi app, and you should be able to select a Favorite from under the “Play Favorite” action and add it to a Routine.

      Send us an email at support@yonomi.co and we’ll be happy to follow-up and provide more assistance

      • Zach Reply

        I live in the US. And my App Store for iOS device says not available in the US. Will it be soon?

        • Paul DesRosiers Reply

          Hi Zach,
          There was a brief glitch in the App store in early June where Yonomi wasn’t available. You should have no problem finding it now.

          Thank you,

          The Yonomi Team

  4. Sotiri Reply

    Alexa run a yonomi routine once but I can nnot run them again…

    Any ideas?

    • Paul DesRosiers Reply

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Are you still having issues running your Yonomi Routines using Alexa? If so, please contact our support team directly at support@yonomi.co

      Thank you,

      The Yonomi Team

  5. john Reply

    Can’t find the yonomi app in iOS app store. Was it removed?

    • Paul DesRosiers Reply

      Hi John,
      There was a brief glitch in the App store in early June where Yonomi wasn’t available. You should have no problem finding it now.

      Thank you,

      The Yonomi Team

  6. Jon Reply

    Cannot get my routines to run from the echo. I have discovered devices and all of my routines are listed as devices but it still will not work.

    • dvearn Reply

      Ah, worked it out.
      Looking in the FAQ’s, it appears the Yonomi App uses your mobile device as the Hub, connecting to you wifi router.
      So the Yonomi App needs to be running in the background with things like Background Refresh and Notifications enabled.
      The commands still didn’t show up in the Alexa history though.

      It would be great if a single hardware hub could connect to all the different connected devices e.g. Sonos, Philips, Hive, Webo, etc…. I’ll either need to focus on 1/2 brands or end up with a spiders web of Hubs attached to my Router.

      Hope that helps.

  7. Nige Reply

    Hey Yonomi Team,

    I’m using Yonomi via Alexa to change my Lifx Colour 1000 bulbs, but one bug I’ve noticed is whatever brightness is set in Yonomi, the actual brightness is half that in real life….. Ie set colour to Pink and brightness to 50%, results in Pink lights at 25% (as reported in Lifx app). Setting to 200% is allowed but does not change anything, so I can’t get any bulbs brighter than 50%…..

    Also, it would be good to choose a colour from a palette (or colour wheel) rather than a set colour.

    Other than that, absolutely loving the app!!

  8. Charlotte Louise Anderson Reply


    I am in the U.K. Just bought Alexa and downloaded Yonomi but Alexa doesnt appear in the accounts to add (within +). Is Alexa no longer a compatible account with Yonomi?

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