Yonomi Simplifies Smart Homes in Over 150 Countries

Yonomi Around the World

We’re proud to have recently expanded our partnership with Amazon by providing a Yonomi Skill for Alexa in the UK, Germany and Austria. But our international expansion doesn’t stop there.

Yonomi is now used in smart homes across more than 150 countries.


We’re on a mission to help simplify smart homes everywhere, enabling people to buy the products they love and then rely on the free Yonomi app to get everything to work together. Yonomi integrates with more than 60 popular smart home devices, and we are continuously expanding our support for new products.

To all of our users, everywhere around the world, thanks for welcoming Yonomi into your home.

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  1. matteo Reply

    Why there must be a geographical limitation? Why in Italy I can not use Alexa with Logitech Hub and Yonomi?

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