Download Your Free Guide to Building a Smart Home Service for Customers

This guide was designed for businesses who are building new customer experiences within the smart home. If you are a company exploring what it will take to integrate more smart home products to your existing consumer app, this guide is for you. If you are a company that has a product on the shelf but would like to add more functionality to your app like triggers and conditions for Routines, this guide is for you.

Yonomi works with companies in a number of industries including telecommunications, insurance, energy management, health and wellness, aging in place, automotive, and more. There are many ways to build meaningful and valuable smart home services for consumers. In this guide we discuss key considerations for getting started.

What’s in the guide:

  • Pricing your service

  • Picking the right device ecosystem

  • Running Routines and automations

  • Security, privacy, and data

  • Choosing what to build

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