How Gentex used Yonomi One to power smart home connectivity in Jaguar Land Rover vehicles.

When the Gentex team first approached Yonomi, they were in the early phases of exploring ways to extend HomeLink beyond the garage door or gate and into the fast-growing smart home device ecosystem. However, this ambitious undertaking — named HomeLink Connect — could not drag out with long development times or detract from the core functionalities of the product that automakers and drivers alike depend on.

You will learn how Gentex

  • Integrated with more than 100 of the most popular smart home devices

  • Leveraged built-in scenes and routines for one-touch home control

  • Leveraged Yonomi's smart home expertise for rapid product development

  • Signed a customer contract with a luxury carmaker and shipped to market in under a year


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Header image courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover