How to Build a Connected Coffee Machine for the Smart Home

Considerations for Designing a Cloud Connected Device


Every day more inventors are turning their great ideas from DIY smart device projects into startup businesses. It’s an exciting trend and the shift is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the proliferation of low-cost, easy-to-use IoT technology. Great devices often start out as innovative hardware ideas and many of the most popular smart devices are reinventions of things we’ve all owned for years, like light bulbs, door locks and even dog collars.

In this ebook, we’ve gathered key considerations for developing a connected device and use a beloved home appliance as our muse: the coffee machine. 

Key considerations for building a connected coffee machine:

1 - Why Build a Connected Coffee Machine?

2 - What Are Product Innovations Versus IoT Table Stakes?

3 - Sensors, Wireless Communication, and Gateways

4 - User Management & Device Control: Cloud, Mobile Apps and Other Interfaces


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