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Customers depend on value add service offerings to make long-term and beneficial choices for connectivity in their homes. For internet service providers (ISPs), packaged services, managed through one app interface, is the next wave for millions in customer growth and retention.

The “pipe builders” for connectivity to our homes, businesses, vehicles, and smartphones, telecoms are positioned to transform the smart home industry into the next global service platform. Yonomi has helped build flexible, powerful, and secure solutions for millions of users around the world with out-of-the-box integrations to 40+ brands and over 120 devices.



Insurance companies are actively building new programs for their customers to increase household savings and improve security. Connected appliances, water valves, cameras, and lighting actively prevent amassed damages and intrusions in protected households. Thousands of customers have reduced their risk profile by using smart devices found through their preferred providers, but find options are limited to personalize their home. Yonomi works with your unique market needs to design and implement the right service offering for your customer base.

By building agnostic services that integrate directly with the smart home, insurance companies can offer an unprecedented level of security and high savings to the families they serve.


Connected Cars

Yonomi has been at the forefront of the connected car movement partnering with industry leaders to develop powerful consumer products. Building on the Yonomi One platform enables businesses to build fast, flexible, and scalable solutions for that next big idea. Our developers have the experience and knowledge to enable your most aggressive go-to-market timeline.

Read our Gentex Case Study to learn how Homelink journeyed from idea to production in less than 50% of the initial plan.


Independent Living

The Smart Home is changing the game for seniors with independent lifestyles. Although 90 percent of seniors would rather stay in their homes as they age, homes today are not designed with the resources required to provide a safe and manageable home sans assisted living. With the help of the smart home, independent and active living styles are within full reach of aging communities.

IoT in the home enables connectivity with everyday devices that are easily installed and maintained. Our solutions offer reliable monitoring, remote access, and emergency alerts with simple notifications straight to your phone.

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