How to Setup Smart Home Routines With Alexa

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While the official Alexa app has added smart home routines, Yonomi remains the best way to create and control smart home routines and bring your home to life. With the Yonomi app and the Yonomi Alexa Skill, you can create the widest variety of routines and trigger them using Alexa, your mobile devices, automated schedules, or other contextual events.


How to Set Up Smart Home Routines With Yonomi and Alexa

  1. To begin controlling your entire smart home using Yonomi and Amazon Alexa, install the Yonomi app on your mobile device

  2. Open the Yonomi app and create a new account. Once you confirm your new account and agree to the terms of use, the Yonomi app will immediately begin discovering the Yonomi compatible devices in your home.

  3. Next, enable the Yonomi Alexa Skill by opening the Alexa app or going to and searching "Yonomi".

  4. Once the Yonomi Alexa Skill is enabled, you can control any Yonomi Routine or any supported device using the sound of your voice. "Alexa, turn on my TV!"

  5. To edit or create Routines, or change the names you use for your devices, go back to the Yonomi app in your mobile phone.