How to Control Harmony Hub With Amazon Alexa

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With the Yonomi App and the Yonomi skill for Amazon Alexa, you can control all of your favorite smart home devices and run complex Routines using only the sound of your voice.

For Logitech Harmony Hub owners, this means they can run Routines that control all of their Harmony-linked devices using Alexa and Yonomi. “Alexa, turn on Movie Time!” has a nice ring to it, right?


How to Control Harmony Hub With Amazon Alexa

  1. First, make sure you’ve downloaded the Yonomi App have enabled the Yonomi skill on your Amazon Echo or other Alexa-powered device

  2. When you open the Yonomi App, run Discovery to confirm that your Logitech Harmony Hub and all of your Harmony activities are linked to your Yonomi account

  3. In the Yonomi App, create a new Routine called “Movie Time”, or whatever you would like to name the Routine

  4. Under “Run These Actions”, set all of desired actions you would like your Harmony Hub and other devices to run in this Routine

    • e.g. Turn TV on

    • e.g. Turn Apple TV on

    • e.g. Dim all living room lights

  5. Your Routine is now ready to use with any Yonomi-compatible device linked to your Yonomi account.

  6. To run the Routine using Alexa, simply say “Alexa, turn on Movie Time!”