How to Set Up Google Assistant and Yonomi

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With the Yonomi App and Yonomi for the Google Assistant, you can control all of your favorite smart home devices and run complex Routines using only the sound of your voice. Here’s how to get started!

Yonomi - Voice Assistants

How to Set Up Google Assistant and Yonomi

  1. First, download and install the Yonomi App on your mobile device

  2. Open the Yonomi App and create a new account. Once you confirm your new account and agree to the terms of use, the Yonomi app will immediately begin discovering the Yonomi compatible devices in your home.

  3. Next, go to the Settings screen in your Yonomi App

  4. Click on Voice Assistants > Google Assistant to be taken to your phone’s Google Assistant app

  5. From this screen, click Try It. Enter your Yonomi account username and password to connect your Yonomi account to your Google Assistant.

  6. Click back to your Google Assistant app and go to the Home Control screen (Settings > Assistant > Home Control). Pull down on the screen to refresh your list of linked devices and services. All of your current Yonomi Routines should be listed.

  7. Now, just say “Hey Google, turn on [Yonomi Routine name]” to trigger any of your existing Routines using only your voice!

If you don’t have any Yonomi Routines set up yet, click the button below for more tips to get the most out of Yonomi and your Google Assistant.