When Schlage® first came to Yonomi to help solve roadblocks in its smart home strategy, the Indiana-based lock company was no stranger to connected devices.

After the Schlage Link in 2009, the Schlage Connect in 2012, and the Schlage Sense in 2015, the company knew it needed to overhaul its smart home platform— and swiftly—if it was going to be able to meet its goals in a rapidly evolving industry.

Schlage Background

Schlage® is a brand of Allegion™ that has been creating stylish, innovative door hardware for more than 95 years. Trusted in over 40 million homes, and long known for high quality, craftsmanship and reliability, Schlage carries those values through everything they do.

Schlage embarked on its journey into the Smart Home very early - launching the Schlage Link in 2009, followed by the Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt in 2012, and the Schlage Sense in 2015. All three products heavily leveraged 3rd party ecosystem infrastructure for connectivity into the home, app and Cloud. These frameworks provide great options for consumers, but also limited Schlage’s ability to directly engage users, analyze usage patterns and integrate with other partners.

Our partnership with Yonomi allows us to provide the flexibility that consumers demand, with the quality that they expect from Schlage.
— Rob Martens, Futurist and VP of Strategy and Partnerships at Schlage

Rethinking Customer Experience

Going forward, the Schlage team had several priorities when designing the holistic solution.

First, Schlage felt strongly that its brand merited an industry best user experience and also wanted to provide the option of a direct brand relationship with the consumer (from lock to app).

Openness was also a key component of the vision. The Smart Home is evolving rapidly and Schlage wished to be able to seamlessly integrate with partners as new compelling use cases arose.

In the age of connected devices, companies have the ability to rapidly learn how customers use their products and monitor the health of those devices in the field. Capturing data streams to support these activities was critical.

Cloud costs were a big consideration for Schlage. Device makers must commit to supporting connectivity for the entirety of the device’s lifetime, which could amount to 10+ years. So Cloud platform frameworks whose costs increase with scale and duration of use essentially apply a “success tax” to providers, which can make the business model fall apart.

And above all, security is the metric that matters most. Schlage’s core values embrace reliability and security, so the new generation of connected products had to adhere to those principles.


The Cloud is Critical

As the broader solution came into focus, it was clear that the Cloud component was central to achieving Schlage’s goals.

The connected locks themselves need a Cloud head end for secure commissioning, provisioning, firmware distribution and data persistence. This service’s job begins at manufacture time (as unique IDs and certificates are being generated) and continues throughout the product’s lifetime.

The mobile app user experience requires a Cloud to enable remote management and sophisticated users permissions such as temporary, revocable guest invitations.

Integration with partners such as Alexa, Google Home, Nest and Yonomi’s consumer app all depend on a robust Cloud infrastructure and open APIs. Many more Smart Home products and services will emerge over the years and the Schlage platform must be flexible to work with whatever may come along.


Why Yonomi ThinCloud?

Yonomi ThinCloud uniquely solves Schlage’s criteria.

The platform’s flexible open APIs gives Schlage the freedom to design their products to desired specifications. ThinCloud’s rich device and user management capabilities can accommodate Schlage’s most advanced use cases. And it’s extremely lightweight suite of micro-services scales horizontally via a modern serverless architecture.

Yonomi has worked closely with Schlage on end-to-end security architecture resulting in a state of the art, flexible security framework from cradle to grave.

Finally the Yonomi ThinCloud unique source code licensing model minimizes on-going cost of the platform and there is no vendor lock in.

Aligning with Yonomi’s open architecture means Schlage can leverage its Cloud to make its products even more accessible, secure and flexible. And Schlage has the long-term flexibility to choose any best-in-class product and partner ecosystems to provide the most value for their customers.


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