Wemo Maker

Wemo Maker


Discontinued by manufacturer

The Belkin Wemo Maker lets you control low-voltage electronics devices with a smartphone or tablet. Perfect for inventors and tinkerers, it's easy to use and works over your own home's Wi-Fi network. Turn things on and off, put them on schedules, or connect them to sensors that let you do even more – like program your sprinklers to stay off when rain is forecast, or set watering schedules when you go out of town.

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Wemo Motion Sensor and Yonomi

Why We Love It

  • Control nearly any low-voltage electronics device
  • Use triggers from a variety of sensors with the WeMo Maker
  • Control devices via smartphone or tablet
  • Integrates with other Belkin products in the WeMo ecosystem

Supported Actions

  • Turn On the Relay
  • Turn Off the Relay
  • Toggle the Relay
  • Pulse On Then Off
  • Pulse Off Then On
  • Turn On for {Time} Minutes
  • Turn Off for {Time} Minutes

Supported Events

  • The sensor is set to on
  • The sensor is set to off
  • The sensor state changes
  • The relay is turned on
  • The relay is turned off
  • The relay state changes

Supported Conditions