ecobee3 lite Thermostat

ecobee3 lite Thermostat

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The ecobee3 lite is one of the smartest thermostats on the market. Optional sensors allow it to tell if someone is in a room, or if temperature in one part of the house needs to be adjusted. And with a 3.5 inch glass display, it's as beautiful as it is useful.

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ecobee3 lite and Yonomi


With ecobee support from Yonomi, you can incorporate your smart thermostat into any of your home Routines. Link your ecobee3 or ecobee3 lite to your lights, your speaker system, or your security system to control your whole house with a single command.

Why We Love It

  • Smart thermostat uses room sensors, local weather and your schedule to deliver cost savings and comfort
  • Optional room sensors help manage hot and cold spots in your home
  • Intuitive full color display and 3.5" glass touchscreen
  • Hardwired for year-round reliability (C wire or power extended kit)
  • Saves an average of 23% on heating or cooling costs
  • 3-year customer install warranty


Supported Actions

  • Set Mode to {Mode (Auto, Heat, Cool, Off)}
  • Set to Heat at {Setpoint}° and Cool at {Setpoint}° for {Hold Type (Indefinitely, Until next transition)}
  • Set to Heat at {Setpoint}° and Cool at {Setpoint°} for {Time}
  • Set to {Comfort Profile} for {Hold Type (Indefinitely, Until next transition)}
  • Set to {Comfort Profile} for {Time}
  • Set Fan to {State (On, Off)}
  • Increase Setpoint by {Degrees}°
  • Decrease Setpoint by {Degrees}°
  • Resume Schedule

Supported Events

  • Room becomes vacant
  • Room becomes occupied
  • Temperature rises above {Temperature}°
  • Temperature falls below {Temperature}°
  • Humidity rises above {Humidty}%
  • Humidity falls below {Humidity}%

Supported Conditions

  • Room is occupied
  • Room is vacant
  • Temperature is above {Temperature}°
  • Tempearture is below {Temperature}°
  • Humidity is above {Humidity}%
  • Humidity is below {Humidity}%